Apr 29, 2008

MAYDAY, updated links, and a few shares

Thursday is May Day (International Workers' Day). The ILWU is shutting down all West Coast ports this Thursday. I'm striking as well: No work, no shopping. I'll be participating in Reclaim The Streets. If you're in SF, come on out and enjoy a day off.

People send me stuff all the time to post here. I'm slow as hell about reviewing/adding it. I've checked the links to the right, these exist, if online only.

Recently added Compact links (or old ones I like):
Alberta blog
I like the blog linked to as "Australia".
Minnesota has a new link for their active site.

And check out a few other things that folks have sent along. (Sorry to do this all in a lump.)

Guerrilla Gardening!
SF Greenmap
Verve Earth Geographers out there might like this one.


Andi said...

Boy, do I wish I still lived in SF so I could have joined you. How did it go?

Anonymous said...
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rachel kesel said...

RTS was great, the next is on May 31st in conjunction with efforts to squash an anti-tenant ballot measure.