Mar 22, 2008

When I Win the Lottery

I said it before, I'm tryin' to get to grad school in London next year and the costs are very high. Right now I'm considering all of my options, including not going and playing the lottery!

Like a lot of workers, I love to daydream about what I'd do if I won the lottery. It's basically a litany of all the folks with whom I'd share the money. Oh, and a fantasy about how I'd finally have decent medical care to deal with of all those sports related injuries I've been accumulating through my twenties.

As a Compactor, thinking about winning the lottery gets a bit complicated. And I bet that if I won the lottery, that being a Compactor might get more challenging, though with ample money I might find it easier. Or maybe I'd just be tempted as hell by being able to afford anything I want.

But say I had $2 million dollars to share.
I'd give my folks money to start an environmentally friendly business out in their town, Taylorsville, Georgia. (Yes, slammed by tornadoes last week.) Then my dad wouldn't have to commute to work and he and my mom could spend more time together. But if they want to take a road trip, they'd be riding in the hybrids or veggie oil, or electric cars that I'd buy them. Maybe they could start a native plant nursery, a conservation minded farm supply shop, organic produce stand or restaurant, whatever. It'd be nice to see my dad have his own business since he's worked for the same company since he was 16. And nice to see my mom work 1 job instead of two, that lady's somethin' else.

In scholastic sympathy, I'd pay off my sister's college loans, and her husband's. And I'd get them into an apartment where they can have a dog! And I'd drop some other cash on them, along with a contract stating that they won't use my money for buying a car (they live in the city) or stupid shit from Bed, Bath, and Bey0nd.

I'd pay off Blake's loans. Blake's been my best friend for ten years and my roommate for eight. He'd also get the lump sum, something of a thank you for putting up with my shit for all these years. And again, a no car, no crap contract.

Those five people are going to take up a lot of that (non-existent) money. But I'd help some other friends and family. Like paying off my aunt Sharon's school debt and helping my former employers to bolster and further eco-proof their business.

I'd outfit some of my favorite collectives, orgs, and posses with money for environmentally friendly printing options! Organizing kills trees! (and not organizing kills loads of trees). I'd also fund some projects of friends. It would be so nice to help other folks do the awesome work that they want to contribute. Along the same lines, I'd throw a huge chunk of money at habitat restoration for SF parks.

And I'd use the rest to go to school this fall.

Exciting right? It's fun to pretend for a second that we can all be rich. Of course, the chances of me actually winning is slimmer than most lottery odds because I don't play. Maybe I should take a tip from the fundraising work that I did for the actions: Pass the hat over and over and over and over. And put a paypal button on the blog! hee hee.

What would you do if you won the lottery?


Anonymous said...

My fiance have actually discussed this and if we won the lottery we want to buy some land and have our own organic farm. He wants to build a stone house for us and I want to grow lavender. We would pay off our parents houses and equip them with solar power. We would keep some for our future children and donate a lot to green charities. In reality we have decided to start growing vegetables in our apartment and clean out all the excess stuff we have and donate it or sell it.


Ilix said...

I have to say that I am along the same lines as you. Buy some land, build a log house with wind generator and solar energy (to get off the grid if possible) organic farming, raise bees, goats, geese, and ducks. Build a cobhouse guest home, pottery studio and anagama kiln. Spin, knit and pay off family property and student loans. Then depending on the lottery size and the land we have already purchased, maybe purchase some land to donate to Ducks Unlimited or the Natures trust. Make a scolarship for pottery/art students and mechanic apprentices.
That about sums it up. Intresting question.

Gypsy said...

I love this post ... its often something I think about when I struggle to sleep. I love the idea of sending your parents around the country in a biodiesel van ... cute!

Anonymous said...

Put the button on, I'll contribute

Anonymous said...

I'll have to help my family, who struggles with health problems (which they bring on themselves), and foreclosure problems. We'd buy my mother-in-law a nice, small house. And, help my brother feed his family healthy food.

My requirement is no bottled water. Ever! And, no fast food.

After we get ourselves and our family out of debt, I would hope to open a car shop with my brother, converting cars to electric or biodiesel. (He lives in Eugene, OR, which gets a lot of electricity from alternative sources)

The rest would go to animal shelters.