Feb 29, 2008

Commonwealth Club Audio

John and I did an interview at the Commonwealth Club in January. Here's a link if you want to check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Hoping to exploit this blog and its audience for academic means.

I'm a journalism grad student who is faced with a project on new media audience study. In non-bullshit terms, that means I'm studying an online audience and seeing what they want in a blog related to their topic of interest.

Since the topics of anticonsumerism and social waste are important to me, this is the audience I chose. (Yeah, I know it's evil to term people in terms of "audience," but I've got to pass the class.)

If anyone is interested in telling me how they feel the media (bloggers or newspapers) could serve them better, I can be reached at p-dailing@northwestern.edu.

Hope to hear from someone. Thanks.

Blue Yonder said...

I listened to the podcast earlier and enjoyed it. I think you guys presented yourself and the Compact well.

Anonymous said...

Listened to the broadcast, much I agree with. Think much emphasis should also be placed on not having kids or at least not more than 1. Also wonder about buying used from somewhere who's then going to buy new. At least it's not two people buying new. So much is available here used because so much is discarded before the end of its useful life. Once everyone makes maximum use of useful life in terms of their demands, there will be less available used. Hope it happens!