Jan 11, 2008

Comments, Commonwealth Club, and Minor Confession

Wow, people really got into that Minneapolis Star Tribune article. Funny, none of us SF Compacters has seen it because it's a subscription paper. Don't worry, reading about yourself is weird so we're pretty cool with it.

I got some interesting comments on the last post. Check out www.art-marron.com when you get a chance. I can't read French, but the images speak for themselves and they're quite inspiring. I appreciate being sent that link because it's so rewarding to know about artistic and social movements in other places. I continue to write this blog mostly because I'm contacted by people who express solidarity and interest. It's great to learn about how other people address consumption or related issues such as ecological or economic injustice.

Again, if you're new to the Compact, the guidelines that we set were highly personal. So, if you're like Angela, who likes her underwear on the fancy side, then ignore our insistence upon utilitarian drawers. Small indulgences often make it possible to make big changes in your habits and ecological footprint.

Today I indulged an old consumptive habit of my own. I took a short trip up to John and Rob's cabin in Cazadero with 4 friends and Charlie the Cairn terrier(in a borrowed hybrid car). Charlie's missing his momma, who's out of town for 2 weeks. So he's got a belly ache and needs a lot of love. [note that I'm justifying before I even tell you what I bought] I used to buy a lot of cat toys, but that stopped with the Compact. I've broken down once to get $4 of cat toys, and today I bought a stuffed animal with a squeaker for Charlie. He really likes the squeaker or I'd have gotten him a toy from a thrift store. Generally I would have bought him a rawhide or something, but his belly's a mess so no food love. He loves it and I'm happy I did it. He's gettin' older and it brought us both some joy.

John and I will be at the Commonwealth Club on Tuesday. It's a good opportunity and I'm excited about the format. I've been passing radio interviews along to John and Kate all week because I'm pretty bad at them. My brain is foggy when I'm on a telephone. I've always enjoyed talking to reporters face to face a bit better. But with the Commonwealth Club, you can see your audience and get questions from them on the spot.


Anonymous said...

I am a new Minneapolis Compacter. You can find all the article links on my post here:
The articles are still online but hard to find without the direct link. I am so excited to be a part of this.

Anonymous said...

Here's a direct link: http://www.startribune.com/business/13513951.html