Jan 14, 2008

Cap 'n' Trade Gift Xchange at Commonwealth Club

Isn't the gifting over? I'm sure that's what you're thinking. But tomorrow John Perry and I are going to be chatting with the Inforum crowd of the Commonwealth Club. After we defend our decisions to purchase new underwear and detail what we've learned, there will be a reception.

We're going to trade environmental services as we did with the project that got me involved with the Compact just before it launched. Back then I called it Kyoto Christmas, but let's face it, Kyoto's a bit of a failure. So I've renamed it Cap'n'Trade Gift Exchange.

Given that I don't really like the Cap and Trade system, I kind of like this project as a means of making fun of pollution and carbon credits in way that's enjoyable and light hearted. It also forces me to reconsider the need for incentives in reducing our ecological footprints.

So yeah, it works like this:
The giver offers to reduce his/her shower time for two minutes per day. The recipient then can take about 5 extra minutes per week.
The recipient then looks for something to give as well.

There will be a matrix for folks to sign up on. Like the Compact, it's a personal challenge. No one's going to come to your home and turn off your tap if you don't achieve your goal.

Someone kindly posted a direct link to the Minneapolis Star Tribune article. I was surprised to find that it lacked a lot of the topics that folks were emailing me about. Then someone pointed out that the first blog post mentions some of that stuff. It's been such a long time since that was posted, that I'd forgotten. Also easy to forget it because I didn't write it.

Again, craft your own rules or exceptions. Be forgiving when you slip. Enjoy the challenge, it's fun or we wouldn't still be doing it.


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rani said...

brilliant idea - talk about a thoughtful gift. of course, one would hope this would encourage people to reduce overall (take those extra minutes and NOT use them, for example). i'd like to see other ideas for "things" to gift