Dec 29, 2007

Holiday Round Up + Compact '08?

Ok, if you got a pressure gift that you didn't want, try to let it go. Today I'll be trying to let them go at the Really Really Free Market (110 Capp St, 5th floor).

I don't want to dwell on the places where the holiday went weird, so I'm looking to 2008. I see more Compacting in my future, but again, not as stringently as in 2006. For instance, I bought a new pair of cycling gloves last week without over analyzing it as I did in late 2006. (Talk to the tendon[-itis] if you have a problem w/ it).

The Compact is less of a game to me now, I'm not as into the challenge of it. I guess one can only maintain that level of enthusiasm for so long. I'm more interested in developing my understanding of how these simplicity movements intersect and complement each other.

The Compact itself doesn't provide many solutions or alternatives, it's more a personal challenge to those who wish to change their over-consumptive habits. I'd have given up on it by now if it weren't for the other networks that I've learned of in my pursuit of the Compact. When people write to me, that's usually what they ask: Do you know anyone in cityX or stateY? Or, how do I get folks to do this with me. Most of those answers are very place specific. I'm lucky to be in the Bay Area with loads of like-minded folks, though I often think we lack the creativity of some other areas.

I'm also returning to my promise to work less in 2008. I tried that in 2007 and did well through about July, when I took on work in habitat restoration. I love working in my field, but the pay means I can't completely leave dog walking behind at the moment. Ugh, I'm working on solutions. Regardless, those contracts are up in July and I'll be off to London by the Fall. It's difficult to work less when you see certain debt in your future.

Help me work less: Send me relevant scholarship info! I'm going for a Masters of Science in Conservation and (currently) hope to do my research on the effects of border walls on desert plant communities.
Or just fund me yourself, hee hee! Holiday wishes, oh my! (My daddy always says it doesn't hurt to ask.)

And let's all keep spreading our own knowledge freely, unlike our university establishments. Share your wealth, be it in money, goods, compassion, skills, talent, strength, or knowledge.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine got the EPA Star fellowship a few years ago - you might want to check it out - they fully supported her for two years (research expenses, travel expenses, conferences, etc. etc).

BarryF said...

Came across your blog and really enjoyed it. I guess my wife and I are where you were 2 years ago. is where ours is living. We'll enjoy your readings when the going gets tough :)

Thanks. Barry