Nov 14, 2007

PiratePods and Holiday onset

I did a podcast last month with Tiffany and Cherie of PiratePods. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Halloween ended, foisting the shopping season upon us all. There are many alternatives to mindless gift buying, don't get sucked into it! If you live around the Bay, maybe you and your family can get together to do some oil spill clean up. Family activities are so much better than scented candles. There are 2 trainings for oil spill cleanup this Saturday at the County Fair Building.

Buy Nothing Day is the Friday after Thanksgiving. We should all participate. I encourage you to make it a buy nothing Christmas. Let's reject the plastic crap hauled to us in container ships. Take a breather from consumerism and think about our oiled birds. Donate in the name of a family member to cleanup organizations like WildCare or Baykeeper. This spill is haunting, and as much as we want to blame the pilot or captain or the coast guard, we need to look critically at the economic system that brought that ship into our bay. Real solutions have less to do with double hulled ships than reducing the number of vessels crossing our oceans with bellies full of oil.

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