Nov 6, 2007

Ipod Woes and Free Workshops

I'm suffering from the stubborn compactor's complex. Well, suffering might be an overstatement. My headphones broke, sort of. I went the first 18 months of the compact with no problems acquiring headphones for my ipod. But now my luck has run out.

I cycle with my headphones because I'm reactionary when it comes to cars. I'm truly a better cyclist with music in my ears because I don't react to drivers. I've had some scary encounters, scary enough to convince me that I'm more likely to survive with headphones. But this is not the point. My crappy, sound distorting earbuds were mangled in my tire about 2 weeks ago. So now I have one, terribly distorted earbud to connect to my 45 minute battery life ipod. Very silly, I know.

The Dirty Dove Infoshop will host several workshops this November on Wednesdays between 4-8pm. We're freely sharing some skills this month, starting with a massage workshop on 11/14. With our lending library shelved, a cabinet of zines stocked, and tea brewing by request, the collective looks forward to these skillshares as a way to acquaint people with the space and learn something useful.

I'm helping with a canning workshop on 11/21, that's the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone will be in food mode! I'm looking out for jars on Freecycle and craigslist. Canning is a tradition in my family, one that I don't want to miss out on just because I'm an urbanite. With our bounty of plums, pears, tomatoes, and apples, I should have been canning all summer.

We're also scheduling a discussion on free culture, which will be led by two students from San Francisco State University. They've been researching free networks, freeganism, and free culture. We're all excited to hear what they have to say.

Some friends and I are working on the ecology workshops for December. I want to invite my friends, Amber Hasselbring and Josiah Clark to talk about the projects that they have going. And in the tradition of free school, I want to share some biology basics relevant to the Bay Area. Associated field trips might include a birding walk or a bike tour of Amber's Mission Greenbelt proposal.


Beth! said...

i have extra ear buds, if you want 'em. call me

Behan said...

Rachel, can I send you some headphones? I'm sure there is an extra set somewhere in our home.

Anonymous said...

a good idea, in the UK they have a festival of recycled craft day. Make hand made objects with what you already have on hand , old fabric can recover a book, make ornaments etc. These are sold by each participant. Kinda like a coop. We could do this here in the USA .