Nov 22, 2007

Celebrate Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day is upon us. Tomorrow hordes of shoppers will hit malls and commercial districts to kick off the shopping season, formally known as the holiday season. Count me out, of course. Though some shoppers may see me at Union Square caroling. But you won't see me with a corporate bag in hand.

Creative actions are taking place all over. Here are some events in the Bay Area. Report back here on your own ideas, activities, and celebrations of Buy Nothing Day.

The Really Really Free Market is on Saturday in Dolores Park from 1-5pm. This will be a continuation of Buy Nothing Day.


Shelley Diamond, Ph.D. said...

I just read about this blog in the SF Chronicle. Glad to hear about the group's existence and commitment. I'm 50 years old and have always believed in the principles of recycling and buying used whenever possible. I avoid a lot of anxiety and depression that I see others experience due to their consumer addictions.... I'm glad to see young people recognizing what I learned as a runaway flower child in the 60's. It's what's inside that counts..

Anonymous said...

Just found The Compact and love the concept. I'm planning a Compact year for 2008. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work. The idea is still spreading :)

emmer said...

i have been reading about the compact since last year and am wondering if any of you have heard from any would-be compacters in the eastern high sierra? in 2006, i moved from green, liberal portland, oregon to high, dry, conservative crowley lake, ca (between the towns of mammoth lakes and bishop) and have not yet found kindred souls. if they are here, perhaps you have heard from them. please let me know. emmer