Oct 13, 2007

Pumpkin Carving!!!!

Every year Blake (my housemate) and I throw a small pumpking carving party to get folks together to creatively gnarl gourds. You might remember that our theme last year was enviro pumpkins. The picture above is our "Buy Nothing Day" pumpkin.
This year we're going with a corporate zombie theme. Everyone is encouraged to come dressed as a corporate drone or ceo, or wearing enough logos to rival a NASCAR driver. The pumpkins themselves always mold and rot after a few days, even though we seal them w/ petroleum jelly. So after years of carving inspiring messages into the pumpkins (peace in 6 languages in 2004, political pumpkins in 2005, enviros in 2006) we've decided to let the mold and break down of the pumpkins be part of the art. So we're carving logo montages into the gourds.

Yeah, I'm gonna have 6 pumpkins on my steps w/ logos for fashion (nikee, louey vittton,etc) media (foxxxx, cb es, diznee, inbeeseee), telecommunications (AyTEE'n'TEE, Singular, and Verrrizon), defense (blackkkwater, halliburt0n, and bektel), fast food (mkdon's, murderking, tacohell), and the parent companies (gee eee, viakkkom, noosecorps). Our jack-o-lantern will be a genetically modified masterpiece (franken food).

I don't know how these are going to turn out. The concept is a little circuitous. Our stairs are going to look like the NY Stock Exchange board for a few days, but when it all starts to fall apart, maybe it will make sense.

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