Oct 25, 2007

Free Plants on a Borrowed Bike Trailer!

Check it out! Here are the plants I'm taking to the Really Really Free Market on Saturday. My friend, Douglas, helped me hook up the trailer and rode with me to pick out the plants. The trailer belongs to to Station 40, which is also the location for the Dirty Dove Infoshop.

And while the rad kids at Station 40 would have let me use their trailer for nothing, I was happy to give them a slew of potatoes and onions that I found in Bernal this morning. I found 12 gigantic onions and about 15 lbs of potatoes, some of which I had to toss. There was also one carrot and 2 cans of "Hart Brand Vegetarian Beans in tomato sauce". So I guess I'm cooking for RRFM as well.

Tomorrow is Halloween Critical Mass!!! I'll be rocking the dead CEO look again. Yeah!

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