Oct 1, 2007

Bartered Bicycles and Sayin' What You Need

Last week I lamented that I'd be going to Critical Mass, yet again, w/a broken rear derailluer. Well, I didn't have to, thanks to my clients (and friends), who are currently decluttering their space. I got a mostly new bike for my dog walking services! And I'm having my truck -er, Trek- fixed by a friend this week.

With the impending rainy season, I have a million things to think about, the bike was just one of those. (I love my trek too much to ride it all winter). But not only did my clients offer me the bike, today they gave me a rain jacket that absolutely rocks. I'm on the way to weatherproofness.

Since engaging in the compact experiment, I've gotten a lot less shy about stating my needs. That's part of how I've redefined my relationship to goods. It's not shameful to need something, ya know. I wonder how our perception of need correlates to situations like credit card debt.

Sometimes when I mention that I need X, I get advice or commiseration. And sometimes folks are actually getting rid of the thing that I need, or they run across it and think of me. (As has happened w/ a bed, patio chairs, and other crazy stuff.) I try to reciprocate by keeping my eye out for things my friends need, like the toaster oven for RRFM.

It's compact karma, for real. I'm hoping it kicks in for grad school funding/finding housing in London next year. I'm not entirely relying on compact karma tho'... I'll also be invoking Santa, the Easter Bunny, and perhaps the Tooth Fairy if it gets real bad.

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makewealthhistory said...

Absolutely. I grew up in Africa, where there is no shame in saying what your needs are. I guess we're more materialistic, so it hurts our pride to ask. Nobody wants to look poor, but we need to get over that and start sharing, pooling stuff, borrowing, and freecycling.