Sep 20, 2007


Maybe you remember that instead of just curbing my consumption this year, that I had also planned to work less. M'kay I'm failing at that goal, hence my sporadic installations on this blog. For real, I've got my dog walking, the public outreach project, a contract for habitat restoration (kick ass!), and a cool piece of work organizing for a local restoration guru. Now those jobs pay, but they're all solo commitments so I have a few side projects that allow for collaboration.

I hit you up here about the Really Really Free Market at least once a month, so you know about that one. But I've just gotten involved w/ a gorgeous group of folks forming a free infoshop in SF. I mentioned Dirty Dove back when it kicked off in July. Tuesdays 4-8pm @ 3030B 16th St @ Mission St.

If you're interested in my diy guides for habitat restoration/urban harvesting or a free consultation on planting for wildlife in SF, you can find me at Dirty Dove on Tuesdays. I'll bring the same info to the Really Really Free Market. There's a lot more to both groups, that's just my li'l contribution.

Or if you're available this Sunday, I'm doing a workshop as part of my friend's show at Cellspace. Amber's piece, Mission Greenbelt, is up until September 29th, so hit it up!

I hope to also work with Amber on her upcoming show at the SF Arts Commission Gallery near City Hall w/ these workshops. More on that to come.

When I'm not doing all this shit, I'm applying for funding so I can take up my acceptance in University College London's MSc in Conservation. I deferred my admission (which would have began on the coming Monday) to get some funding ... if you run into a grant that I should be applying to, send it along!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to say I just love your blog! It inspired me to start my own a while back. I wish we had the really really free markets out here on the east coast!

rachel said...

RRFM started in Florida at the FTAA protests, I heard. I know it exists NYC. If there isn't one in Western Mass, you should start one!

Wendy said...

I love the idea of sharing information with each other. We have a huge agricultural fair here in Maine every year that is sponsored by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA). People there are so awesome. We gleaned all kinds of information, including how to use my drop-spindle for spinning my rabbit's fur. I'd love to see more of what you're doing in SF happening here. I guess it all takes time ;).