Sep 24, 2007

On the Master's and Raingear

So today I could be in London starting my Master's in Conservation, but I'm in SF scheduling dog walks and habitat restoration for the week. It's impossible for me to say that I would be better off in London, but I'm a little achy today, thinking that I could be somewhere new, if only education weren't so fucking expensive. (I paid my way through my undergrad, so I know something about this). I have another year to come up with the funds... Compacting helps, for sure.

My lack of school funds makes me a bit more impassioned for projects like the Really Really Free Market and the Dirty Dove Infoshop. Free share of knowledge makes way more sense to me than over-extrapolated (capitalist) education systems. Don't get me wrong, I want the education, and I need instructors. But there are lots of theories, skills, languages, and such that we can learn from each other.

Tomorrow I'll be at Dirty Dove, asking Megan to show me how to use my camera, and getting tips on sewing a holster for my hand shears. (I've never seen a non-leather holster for hand shears, and I've never seen even the leather holsters used.)

But I'm up against that seasonal challenge that I hit last year as a Compactor. It's gonna rain. I spend about 6-8 hours outside each day, even when it rains. That's on my bike, walking dogs, and pulling weeds. I need functional rain gear. Last year I called it a professional exception and bought new rain pants and a coat as I had worn out my set from the 2 years before. It was a light rainy season and I thought I'd make it through w/ that stuff to this year, but I crashed my bike and ripped up both the pants and coat (mad love to the driver who pulled outta his parking space, causing me to get caught in the Muni tracks: you rock).

Have you ever bought raingear? That shit is expensive. Grrrr, I might just have to do it as I haven't seen any useful raingear in any thrift stores or on Freecycle. I feel like such a freak in REI, especially when I get all drooly over camping gear and bike lights... and I think I just talked myself into at least checking out their dumpster tonight.


Blue Yonder said...

Can your old rain gear be repaired? I have a cheap vinyl rain jacket that I keep in my car in case I need to change a tire in the rain. When it tore, I patched it up with duct tape.

How about eBay for used raingear? I imagine it might be available there for a steep discount over what you would pay at REI new.

Keep us updated, I'm in the market for rain gear too.

Anthony said...

Up here in Canada we have a store similar to REI (I think) called Mountain Equipment Co-op ( and there's an online gearswap where people buy and sell used clothing and gear. Most members (oh yeah, you need a $5 lifetime membership to shop. it's a co-op) are very cool people and most are quite honest and trustworthy.

Here's a link to the gearswap.;jsessionid=G4882KHqqGLcQSYPKKR3whQkTFwx8fTtWc9ZnRJv8fvP51V3Q1vp!1843557105?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=1408474396038596&FOLDER%3C%3EbrowsePath=1408474396038596&bmUID=1190722620512

or just go to and navigate to the online gearswap.