Sep 26, 2007

Egalitarian Leadership & RRFM on Sat

Ok, I don't have a TV but I've recently begun watching Jon Stewart online occasionally (damn you, Alternet for those li'l clips). I saw Evo Morales on the Daily Show and thought I'd tip off those of you who missed it. He speaks about the merit of varied experiences, reminding me that many paths are as valuable as formal education (or maybe even northern science?). It was an exciting and empowering interview. I was heartened to hear President Morales speak to climate change, excited to hear him call out excess and luxury.

Last night I was chatting with some friends who quickly disposed of my notions of hierarchy by redefining it through experiences rather than traditional norms of gender, race, class, or age. It was a point of learning that I bumped into accidentally, though I'd been heading for it for a while.

Also (!) Critical Mass is 15 on Friday! I look forward to another CM w/ a broken rear derailluer. (How have I been riding on that shit for a month?)

And, the Really Really Free Market is on Saturday in Dolores Park from 1pm - dusk. The reminders always mention a toaster oven... one of my clients has one on her sun porch so I think it's coming to the market. We'll see if anyone takes it.

The Dirty Dove Infoshop was open yesterday and I got an instructive tutorial on my li'l camera. I quickly put that info to use, leaving the infoshop for a friend's dinner party, which wrapped up with a photography session (after devolving into a YouTube freakout). The pix aren't grainy anymore! Thanks, Megan!

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