Aug 7, 2007

Media Moments: Can You Help?

I have 2 opportunities for folks who'd like to weigh in on consumption issues.

Journalist Zachary Slobig is looking for someone to chat w/ about dropping out of the Compact. If you tried it and found that it did not work for you, perhaps you can help him out. Maybe you've set some other standards for yourself that work better? This is for an article in Good Magazine. Zachary rocks, very easy to talk to. Email me if you can help w/ this one.

And there's a documentary in the making called American Dream that is also seeking to get feedback from Compactors. Video diaries are sought from around the country/globe.
The film is not directly about the Compact, but you may still have something relevant to say. Below is the info provided to me by Justin, a rad fella who's working on the film. I did an interview w/ him and Jason (?) last week. Again, great folks, easy to talk to.

New Documentary looking for Compactors!

A new feature documentary called American Dream is looking for people
participating in the compact!

The documentary is about an everyday man who realizes that his financial
success and his accumulation of material things are not making him
happy. He decides to sell most of what he owns in order to make a film
about the over consumption and lack of sense of purpose that mark
today’s vision of success. Through his journey, we will find out what
has happened to the American society and to the original American Dream
after the arrival of industrialization, advertisement and mass-consumption.

The documentary includes engaging interviews with celebrities,
luminaries and industry leaders such as Danny Glover, Howard Zinn, Vicki
Robin, Ed Begley Jr., Jean Kilbourne, Rickson Gracie, Satish Kumar and
will be released in theaters nationwide.

Part of the film includes a search for solutions. We plan on
interviewing the original compactors in San Francisco and we want to
speak with others in the US and around the world!

If you are compacting or planning on compacting..or just like the
idea---We want to hear your story!

Please email and we will be in touch very soon!


Gaurav said...

Good ..
Hey You can view my Blog its also Good

Henry from San Diego said...

My wife and I have been trying to not purchase anything (new or used) in the past two years.

We thought it would be hard (or almost impossible) with two young children ages 5 and 6.

It turned out our children were quite receptive to the idea and they are having fun with it. They now remind us, "Don't buy anything unless we really need it, like food or water."

In addition to not buying new "things", we have given away half of our "couldn't live without" junk.

We now feel quite liberated and can actually park both of our cars in the garage.

By the way, this has helped us bring up our personal savings rate to 70% of our net income.

Inkling said...

I recently found your blog through OTRGirl's Sojournering blog. I would like to know if it would be okay to put a link to your blog on my blog, simply to let my own readers (mainly family and friends) find out more about this type of living.

I most certainly grew up consuming, especially in suburban west county, St. Louis. But now that I've moved to British Columbia, and my standard of living has decreased substantially, I've unwittingly become an advocate of simple living. I have a long way to go, and am not nearly as adept as you and other Compactors, but I'm learning and growing. It started with not having a television, and it is progressing into growing/harvesting/making the food we need (aside from dairy/meat products), as well as making my own clothing when I need it and shopping thrift stores first for necessary things like canning jars.

Violet said...

Was this film ever released?