Aug 24, 2007

Hauling Plants w/o a Trailer

Today I went to see my friend, Greg, again about more native plants for the Really Really Free Market. He got me psyched about variety and started pulling horkelia, bee plant, and coffeeberry out for me to take.
"Wait", I said, "I'm on my bike so I can only take two".

Oh boy was I wrong. I wondered how Greg transported plants as he rides a bike, too. Well, today I found out.

Greg pulled a bunch of these plants (above plus 2 doug iris' and coast buckwheat) out of their one gallon containers and placed them into a plastic bag. He grabbed a second bag, sprayed the lot w/ water and put the load into the box on the back of my bike.

Ok, so now my cooler box (great for groceries) smells like beer b/c the bags were used to haul bottles to the recycling center where Greg runs the native plant nursery, bu so what. I hauled 3x the number of plants today, and I can realistically get them all to the RRFM tomorrow.

The plants are free tomorrow, like everything else. See you there!


Riana Lagarde said...

In Amsterdam everyone rides bikes. They have these wheelbarrel like bikes for your babies! I saw a man MOVING HIS HOUSE with his bike there. Talk about wide load. I wish I could come to the plant give away. If you have any seeds, I would be happy to plant them here in France!

Heike said...


I wish I would have found you earlier! The RRFM sounds fabulous. I am in Sacramento, and cannot seem to find a Compact group here. Can you advise?

Thank you!

Ilix said...

sounds like some sweet plants, alas it isn't really possible for me to take them off your hands, I hope that they find good homes!

Anonymous said...

I have gone to the local church clothing second hand store. They had a bag sale, so of course I bought a bag full of items. I first shopped for myself, and then for anyone else on my list of friends I could think of. Well, you should have seen their faces when I tucked the big 30gal bag against my centerbar and started walking off.. "You cant carry that all the way home like that!" I assured them I only lived three blocks away and headed off.I made it home just fine. I also only make quilts out of second hand material. Thats what makes it so special! Cher
Owner of CNYPlantcycle

Anonymous said...

I have two Plantcycle sites and hoping to have a blog and a webpage soon with the help of others. Im just starting out so I need some help making it as successfull as your group! I find it refreshing that you speak of making do, or reusing things and I felt this way all my life. There seems to be alot more like minded people here than I have sound on other sites who get up set if you say "I used cloth diapers"!! Oh my! heh.. I need some of this radical thinking support! I know that you cant get plants in the mail, but we do seed swap or SASE and share good ideas..Thanks Cher (Swap good ideas) (Offers and Questions)

Anonymous said...

this may go against the compact, but in order to extend the potential of more bikes in the states, is it worth seeing if these can be imported?

rachel kesel said...

we don't need the cargo bike from the netherlands. we can rock the bike right here in cali.