Aug 28, 2007

Bicycle Music Festival

Some creative and straight up lovely people have brought bike culture to a new high in SF this summer. Clearly the brilliant folks behind the Bicycle Music Festival have been at their melodic and mechanic trades for a while. How did they make those awesome bikes that power the PA? No doubt, if you asked, someone would take the time to explain.

Like other cyclists who love their creations, Gabe (shake your peace), Paul (rock the bike), and all the other contributers also like to share them. With smiles. No snobby scene included. Just good music. And let me tell you, the music and performances could be bad (imagine if this was a more macho subsection of bike culture), but they all work!

Last night there were several great performances. I rolled up to see maybe 5 people playing an laundry basket rigged w/ instruments. The music was pedal powered throughout. Everything and everyone arrived on bikes and left on bikes.

Truly sustainable music. Umm, who needs carbon offsets?

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