Jul 24, 2007

RRFM and George Monbiot

This Saturday is the Really Really Free Market in San Francisco's Dolores Park. Folks come between 12-dusk at 19th and Dolores in the park. Bring stuff you don't want or a skill to share. Hang out, pick something up (?), and get down w/ other folks creating change around consumption.

And check out this article by George Monbiot: Eco-Junk: Why Buying Less Is More Than Buying Green. This really rocks. He not only takes up the media's pushing of green products, but also the class issues that plague the shopping against climate change paradigm. Yay and thank you, Mr. Monbiot! Below is my fav bit.

"Ethical shopping is in danger of becoming another signifier of social status. I have met people who have bought solar panels and mini-wind turbines before they have insulated their lofts: partly because they love gadgets, but partly, I suspect, because everyone can then see how conscientious (and how rich) they are. We are often told that buying such products encourages us to think more widely about environmental challenges, but it is just as likely to be depoliticising. Green consumerism is another form of atomisation - a substitute for collective action. No political challenge can be met by shopping."


Unknown said...

Very well said!

Theresa said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to this very fine article!