Jul 15, 2007

earth aware travel

I'm tired of using the words "green", "eco____", or "carbon neutral" so today I'm using "earth aware" to tell you about a bike camping trip I took. So bike camping is the way to travel! I'm kinda bent on not flying this year so it looks like I'm staying close to SF for a while. I took a nice spin down to Half Moon Bay last weekend that was soooooo fun. We've discovered that we can camp without reservations for all of $3! Yay! Oh and the pic is me and the loaded bikes over-looking Montara and Pacifica.

And for the shopping updates: I've tried and had some success. I bought some social shoes for the first time in about 2 years. Now I have more than work shoes. My social shoes are pretty functional too actually. But maybe they won't be covered in red Bernal dust all the time.

Speaking of Bernal, check out my updated website, greendogwalks.org If you've wondered why I haven't been writing here, it's in part b/c I've been working on this project pretty intensely. Today we did a poop pick up w/ biodegradable bags in Bernal Heights Park. It was a fun opportunity for outreach and stewardship.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel -- A question -- Are you still holding the monthly meetings in The City? If so, where's the link/info for that? Thanks,

New and hopeful compactor TK

jen said...

it will cost you more than $3, but camping on angel island is lots of fun too!

rachel said...

We don't really do monthly potlucks these days. But, you should check out the really really free market. i usually hit it around 2-4ish.