Jun 6, 2007

Selling Out to Superstition?

Alright, I live in SF, but am originally from the South. I, and my housemate, are both ridiculously superstitious, having been raised on stories of heads on houses and evil spirits. And if you read the last post, you may surmise that our horror fetish plays an apt role in the maintenance of our superstitious tendencies.

Blake broke the mirrored closet door in my bedroom on Monday. We've both nearly gotten ulcers over it. He's trippin' b/c he broke the damn thing, and I can't sleep b/c the closet door is now missing (cuz you know we got that cursed object outta the house as soon as we could).

I went to SCRAP yesterday to get some fabric to cover the closet. I tried to dye some white fabric, but all I succeeded in doing was making a mess. I like messes, and had fun destroying that fabric, but I hate the open closet door. Today I whined a bit to a friend, who happens to drape most of his entryways rather than using doors. He hooked me up w/ some bright fabric of the perfect length.

So if I've taken care of the evil spirits in my closet, why the sellout? My house of free, used, and found objects is getting a bit tacky. Really, it's just my room. It's like the neon of the 80's was regurgitated into my bedroom. 2 orange rugs, either an orange and yellow or a green and pink comforter, a green and orange curtain for the closet, and a bright yellow fabric over the top of the window. Oh, and one ugly green chair that matches our green formica kitchen table. Ugh, I can barely think in my room these days. Because SCRAP had nothing I'd like to hang on my closet, I'm thinking of heading to a fabric store. A new closet curtain and window cover might make the rest bearable again.

I've been compacting for nearly 18 months. And I'm losing it over an interior decorating drama. I've taken all the free stuff and loved the bright colors. But now that they all have to live in the same room, it's a bit blinding.


Tanaya said...

Yes, sometimes shabby chic gets a bit too shabby and "rustic" is just a little too used.

Paint is such a great way to make things match. And if you are ready to succomb to the furniture store, a gallon of paint is much more affordable. Duvet covers can cover old comforters & quilts. You can make them out of solid colored sheet sets.

I'm moving and have sold all of my existing furniture. When we get to our new location, it is going to be a HUGE challenge for me not to buy new furniture.

Christine said...

oh, i get the superstitious thing! I know in my heart that the superstitions can't be true, but I still get all weird about it.

And i hear ya on the mismatch, blinding room thing. It is hard to piece together a tasteful decor with scraps here and there. And sometimes we just want something, at least newish to look at. Good luck finding the right fabric. I'm sure it will just jump out at you.

Kris said...

I certainly understand how that might drive you bats after a while. But, used doesn't HAVE to mean ugly - the suggestions above sound terrific.

You could change a few things out between donating things that are giving you a headache after you find some new (to you) things that might be less - blinding I think was your word? Good luck!

You are far better at compacting than I.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling you! Example: I got a great 6-qt crockpot from a neighbor. But, it has no lid, and the knob is half-melted in a very gross zombie's-face-in-a-horror-movie kind of way (since we're talking superstition...)

I could keep using a dinner plate for a lid, and deal with the melted knob, but it kind of drives me a little crazy, and it drives me husband even crazier. Also, as my grandmother used to say, with a completely different meaning than Tom Petty, "You don't have to live like a refugee."

So I think I'm going to declare Jubilee Day sometime this month and order a replacement lid and knob from the company. I won't feel like I'm living with hodgepodge castoffs, and I won't have fallen into my pre-Compact mentality, which would have been to buy a new crock pot.

Kim said...

You were tie dying fabric, could you try to dye your window curtain, comforter and closet cover in 1 color to see if it covers some of the loud and brings it back together?