Jun 27, 2007

Really Really Free Market!

Saturday is SF's Really Really Free Market. I'm bringing plums from the backyard. See you there!

a community market and celebration where nothing is bought or sold

June 30, 2007

no money
no barter
no trade
everything is free. really.

your participation strongly encouraged

bring gifts, entertainment and friends
leave your wallet at home

the last saturday of every month, dolores park

participation can take many forms. some people
look over their things and bring what they dont
need anymore. someone else will most likely need
exactly what you give. some people bring or make
food on the spot. some people teach skills like
juggling or bike repair. some people play music.
there are infinite ways to involve yourself - be creative!


Elaine said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this today! Are tourists welcome? My boyfriend and I are visiting from Vancouver this weekend. We can't bring anything, but then we can't take much home either! haha!

rachel said...

you are both absolutely welcome. You can munch on some fresh plums at the least.

deliberately said...

I'm interested to hear how it comes out. Please update the blog after the market.

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering how this happens logistically. Does each person set up a table or booth or do people just come and plop the stuff on the ground? I'd love to have one of these in PA, but wonder how to get it going?

rachel said...

you don't even need tables. We set everything on the ground, fabric's nice to lay out if you have it. since there's no trading or buying, there's no need to watch the stuff you bring, everything gets mingled together.
only you want to make it clear that participants should take their stuff home w/ them if no one wants it. (so if i bring a dog toy and no one takes it, i need to take it home when i leave.)