Jun 21, 2007

holidays and street scores

Last week was Father's Day and Yahoo ran an article about how we spend way more money on Mother's Day than Father's Day. I read a bit and got kinda grossed out by the insinuation that the amount of money we spend correlates to our love for our fathers and mothers. How cheap, Yahoo. This guilt trip from our corporate handlers didn't compell me to shop hard for my dad, who, like most dads, was grateful for my conversation and card.

There's another holiday upon us, 2 really. And they're both flag holidays. First is Pride, a celebration now rife with consumerism in the form of Cliff Bar and Smirnoff ads/floats. It's tough for a lot of folks to think about this. We all want to be out and share these festivities, but we're bankrupt when it comes to funding this massive party without the corporate sell out. Maybe this is how we gain acceptance in mainstream society. We must be ok if we shop, right?

The second holiday is 4th of July. I scored a free flag on Santa Marina St yesterday. It's going to be a serious art piece by the start of the anti-torture demonstration on 7/4/07. I'll try to post some pix when it's finished.

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