May 22, 2007

When precious items break

A small piece of plastic broke yesterday, leaving me with hair in my face and that requisite anxiety that creeps in when I start to think about replacing random crap like headbands. You might think it's trivial, and to a certain extent, so do I. But I loved this headband b/c it actually allowed me to be a bit stylish while maintaining a functional cut.
I don't like hair in my face when I'm cycling or when I'm walking dogs on windy Bernal Hill.
Ok, so it should be easy enough to replace right? Well I've never actually seen another one like this. It had this pattern to it that staggered out my locks.
I know this sounds petty. But consider that I don't really buy into the typical conventions of style and conspicuous consumption. I nearly always choose function over form. I wear the ugliest shoes ever, because my body hurts like hell if I try to wear any sort of cute shoe. Whatever. I wear an ugly, torn windbreaker b/c it's reflective and I feel safer on my bike. Whatever. I've been missing 5 of 10 earrings for the past year. Whatever. But this headband worked, ya know?
I have another headband, but it's ugly. I'll wear it, but I won't be happy about it.


Anonymous said...

I encourage posting photo of said headband... who knows what we have laying around and would be willing to part with... I for one would love to gift a headband never in use (I'm thinking cleansing with alcohol/other cleaner would be sanitary, right?)

Wendy said...

I can relate ... sort of.

I have two pairs of sandals - a pair of cute thong sandals I bought to wear to my SIL's wedding last year, and my birks. The thong sandals were cheap and the sole separated from the upper. Our new puppy chewed half the sole off one of my birks. I glued the thong sandals, and I can still wear the birks in the garden, but I'm really irritated, because I'm going to have to replace one or both pairs in the very near future.

I'm not some kind of shoe monger, and to be honest, those two pairs of sandals were all I wear in the summer. I have a pair of clogs and a pair of boots for winter. That's it.

I loved those silly shoes.

Why can't "things" last?

rachel said...

i should post a photo of the headband. i thought about that last night. but when it broke on monday, i kinda gasped, moaned and threw it away. i started contemplating super glue and realized i would obsess over the damn thing so i tossed it. now i wish i hadn't.
i tried a goodle image search but haven't seen one like it.
silly me.

Christine said...

Good luck, Rachel. I feel your pain. I too have a beloved headband. My kids are often playing with it in many creative and silly ways until I bust in and ruin it all for fear they'll break it!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear suggestions for alternatives to pony-tail holders. I remember seeing something where you can cut the sleeve of an old teeshirt into "rings" and use those as headbands (I know- not what Rachel or I am looking for) but I just love those little elastic bands made in china. I won't buy them, though. and I've just lost my last one (again). Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

heather bailey has a great free pattern for sewing your own head bands:
they are small, and you could make one from scraps left from another project or reuse a piece of clothing.

Anonymous said...

try a snood: cut a t-shirt all the way 'round just below the sleeves (child's tee is prob. too small--try a teen's size); loop over your head; loop it again, so now it's around your neck twice; pull all your hair up and above the loops. pull up the inner (first) loop over your chin, face, & forehead so it covers your head; pull the remaining loop up and over your head in the same way. I wear this biking (covers up ears and keeps hair out of the way) and this was required headgear at bakery I worked at once. I have at least six: flowers, strips, solids.