May 23, 2007

Really Really Free Market! and a funny car moment

The Really Really Free Market takes place this Saturday in San Francisco's Dolores Park. We'll be hangin' out from noon to dusk. Everything is free. Bring your unwanted items, take something with you, or bring a skill to share. Be prepared to take any of your unwanted stuff back home if no one snags it.

I love the RRFM, and if you make it on Saturday, you will too. It's more than a free garage sale. It's folks creating the change that they want to see in the way resources are distributed. It's a gift economy and we all have something to give.

On another note entirely, I saw the most ridiculous thing today on my way to Holly Park. I tend to get really self-righteous when I see someone washing a car. I'm a water conservation NUT, and I'm not a fan of personal automobiles either. Upon seeing someone wasting our precious Hetch Hetchy water on a land use converting, climate changer, I generally scowl and grumble under my breath.

Today was different though. I saw a guy washing his SUV ... while it was running. He nearly sprayed me and two dogs because, of course, he was blocking the sidewalk to do this highly intelligent activity. Maybe if you leave the car running it will dry faster. I dunno, but I couldn't grumble. I was so overwhelmed by sight that I started howling with laughter. Pixel and Raster (the dogs in my care) thought I'd gone nuts but were thrilled to get the hell away from the hose. I think the SUV man thought I was crazy, too.
To make this even more ridiculous, I tried to find a web image of someone washing a red SUV to put w/ this post. Do not google "car wash" unless you want to see a lot of scantily clad women covered in soap.

The Really Really Free Market is way more important than this antecdote but I had to share. If you're in SF, hope to see you there. If not, check your area for a local RRFM. If you don't find one, start one.


Steven said...

I understand your thing about car-washing. But it's not such a simple issue. Cars that are taken care of (kept clean) last a lot longer, which means they don't have to be replaced, so I suppose resources are saved.

I don't have a car, and I wish we didn't live in a world full of them. But most places in this country are not pedestrian or bicycle-friendly, and good public transit is pretty rare, so lots of people need cars.

Anonymous said...

I do have a car, wish I could sort out a way to work around having one, but do take care of my car for the reasons Steven said above. I am a water (and other resource) conservationist, but I gotta wash my car. And I know I do it using less water than if I do it down to the drive-through. Trying to do what I can and not feel horrible guilt about what I can't right now.
Signed, non-San Franciscan (which has loads of great public transit)

van sales said...

Yes, it is really funny but also it can make you angry if your car was clean or you just have a bad mood. That's why I'll be careful when I see SUV on the road.