May 5, 2007

Plug it Out/Gifts for Mom/ Scholarly Recap

Have you guys heard of Plug It Out? These folks are encouraging us to uplug our electronic devices from 6:30pm - 10:30 pm on Saturday, May 12th. You've got a week, make it happen. I'm thinking of hosting a small dinner followed by a bike ride to involve more people.

I'm grateful for the advice on mom gifts. It's funny, my dad and sister are stumped too. So I'm looking into jewelery cleaning or making soap at this time. Further suggestions are welcome. I'm not donating in her name and she's not into travel or writing.

In other news, my research on off-leash dog walking did not win at the CSU Student Research Competition. But I met some fabulous people! Folks working on all sorts of research. It was such a great experience.
In the same vein, I should know soon about scholarships at UCL soon. Then I'll know whether I'm moving to London this Fall or next. Wow, I look forward to getting that settled!!!! No money means no go, at least not this year. Whenever I go, I'll need to meet some London Compactors. I'm wondering what sort of anti-consumerist and environmental projects I should be aware of before I go. It's difficult to think of losing all of my networks here, but I'm excited to learn from a new perspective! I hope I find activists in London as open as my favorite orgs and idols in SF.


Cynthia said...

A photo of you and your sister. I HATE having my picture taken, but one of me in uniform was the only gift my mother consistantly asked me for over a ten year time-table.

I finally broke down, went to Wally-world and had their photo studio take a picture. It was framed nicely and she cried and hugged me when she got it.

That's my suggestion. Mother's want pictures of their children I'm told.

Marta said...

hey i'm a 13 yr old that does compact as well, i must admit it IS hard, also considering i love shopping.
i stared a blog about my progress through the compacting year,

rachel said...

Ok, so I got my mom a cute little necklace from a thrift store. She'll like it. I tried to get her jewelery repaired but with 2500 miles between us, that requires my dad's help. Somehow he got jewelery confused with the screen door. sigh
but the envelope was a scrap score and the piece was used + she'll like it. a win, no doubt.

samar.s said...

Hello there, I am making a little report about "PLug it out" in Montreal and I first saw it in your blog...could you please let me know if you know more..where are they from and how many are they...for some reason I can not go to their webite from your blog any more. My email is
hope you give me more info since it will be the day after tomorrow and i should be ready a bit before.