May 30, 2007

Open Fruit Pick in the Backyard

Surprisingly, my housemate is down with the idea to collectivize the backyard. the two of us agree that we cannot manage any sort of garden on our own, nor can we eat all of the fruit that is currently produced.

We're hosting a fruit pick to get those plums and persimmons off the trees. That will give our friends a chance to come check out the space and to express interest in working with us. We do rent, but are only inviting folks we know, and friends of folks we know, to become partners in the backyard. We want edible or native plants only to keep water inputs low. And we want folks to come from our surrounding neighborhoods, or folks we see over here regularly anyway. No sense in folks driving across town to work in our garden.

But we're excited about this! Community gardens are the number 2 desire of San Franciscans in terms of park use. So if we can help some folks get their hands dirty, all the better. I'm sure the camaraderie will encourage the two of us to work out there more, and incite yummy potlucks among other benefits.


Zelie said...

Great thinking Rachel. I really like the idea of what are traditionally considered to be very private spaces like your very productive backyard being open to others. When our our front garden fruit trees overload every year it is great to share the harvest in our very diverse inner city the neighbourhood. My street has a couple of established community gardens - one in the grounds of a school set up by a well known chef and the other on the public housing estate. They are an amazing hive of activity.

Christine said...

I wish i was local, i'd come get a few persimmons. Ever have persimmon cookies? Heavenly!

Good for you for opening your doors. What a great way to socialize, eat local, and fresh.