May 2, 2007

I love my mom!

Mother's Day is in about 10 days. And my mom's birthday is at the end of the month. I think I'm screwed. I've already donated in my Mom's name many times. She would not really enjoy a massage or something like that. She lives in the country and has everything she needs really. She knows I love her, but... I'm going to feel like an ungrateful brat if I don't come up w/ something. (I totally blew off my folks anniversary this year ):

Getting creative w/ gifts gets kinda difficult once you've done the standard alternatives for a couple of years! Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I am new to the site - saw the article in our San Diego paper Jan. 2nd and have been on-board ever since!

Have you thought of signing the two of you up for a retreat somewhere? There are a lot of 2-3 day weekenders that include classes in everything from writing to art to politics. Some are women only, others are open to anyone. No waste - just learning!

Anonymous said...

Once, as a gift for my mom, I had some of her broken jewelry repaired. She had those necklaces sitting in her jewelry box for months and meant to fix them, but never got around to it.

Maybe there are some unfinished projects your mom has been putting off that you can do for her?

rachel said...

I like both of these ideas. I guess I forgot to mention that my mom lives in Georgia and I live in California. I might be able to get my dad to help out w/ jewlery repair. My mom hates to travel, so I doubt she'd do a retreat. She's a super homebody.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel - what about a surprise visit? My Mom and I have agreed to forego much of the traditional gift giving, but a visit (we live in separate states also) is always welcome. Of course then you run into the issue of plane fare, not to mention co2 emmisions, but you seem to be pretty creative.

Speaking of creativity, any talents in painting/drawing/artwork/photography?

One last suggestion - one year I bought a bunch of locally made foods from the southwest and sent them to Mom in Pennsylvania. She really loved it, and the items never collected dust on a shelf. Would buying some food items from a local co-op count in the compact?

Good Luck,


Wendy said...

Would she be interested in a class? You could sign her up for something she might enjoy at the local Adult Education center.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Sponser her a kid through Plan International?

If you chose an older girl she could write to her and the commitment is only a few years (and you're helping a most at risk group) And Plan is the only non religious and non political sponsorship organisation I know of.

Anonymous said...

My Mom lives in the country and has pretty much everything she needs too - except - a really fantastic aspen tree! They're very resonably priced for one about 4-5 feet tall, and planting it together is a pretty awesome way to connect. I got her one when I was back in college (years ago) that she left behind at her old house and was quite heartbroken. She's gonna love this one!

Take care,


nm said...

I second the tree idea. I also like photography or art work that you do yourself. I also just think calling more than once a week is the best thing you can do.

I also have been searching ebay to find the last few pieces of a type of glass ware that she liked, but got broken. She is happy when she gets a piece. She's not big on the internet, that is for sure.

Is there a rural land preservation trust that means something to her that you can donate in her name?

My mom will be 9000 miles away from me for mothers day. :(


rachel said...

so many good ideas, but still requiring thought.
i like the tree idea too, but my folks just put in 2 new willows in the past 2 weeks.

i'm really leaning away from a charitable giving gift b/c it really reflects my ideas, not hers. she values that sort of thing, but i've been at it so long, it's really more about me than her.

i used to be so good at the creative solutions. i am w/ my dad, sister, and best friend. moms are tough, damnit.

calling would be good. if i could start doing that more regularly again. i used to be the best at keeping in touch. got a bit disappointed w/ recipriocity and got lax though.

Chile said...

Instead of just calling, how about writing letters regularly? Letter writing is becoming a lost art but almost everybody LOVES receiving a well written letter. You could use stamps, stickers, or markers to make 2 custom sets of stationary. Why two? Give her one set with the promise she'll be receiving written letters on the other set from you regularly.

Anonymous said...

I have asked my 14 year old daughter to make me some blank cards. I like having a stock of cards on hand for birthdays, thank you's, get well's etc.

Cards can be simply made in lots of ways eg. water colour painting (abstract's fine!), glueing on pressed flowers, gluing on cardboard shapes scrapbooking style, stickers, glueing fabric pieces, ribbons etc.


sarah said...

Homemade soap? I just made some for my mom!

Anonymous said...

My mother doesn't need anything tangible or given to her to know that I love her - just my love.

In relation, what to do with gifts you don't want? Specifically, a gift card from a company you do not want to support that doesn't allow you to redeem the card for cash?

And thank you for sharing your life experiences! =)

Anonymous said...

A couple suggestions off the top of my head:
Make a set of 8 or 10 recipe cards on the computer or drawn by hand and duplicated, including the standard info "From the kitchen of:, or Another great recipe for:, Ingredients, method, etc.

Then make one card for a "Recipe for a Great Mom" and something like "5 cups patience, 2 cups humor, 1 cup affection, 2 tsp. first aid training, etc." Put this one on top of the set and tie with a ribbon.
Free or cheap to make or send, personal, and would make any mama's heart smile!

Anonymous said...

Hey, here are a few on-line resources to print recipe cards if you decide to use my Mother's Day gift idea:

Best of luck! SJ

Anonymous said...

I just took my mom to my oldest daughter's college women's choir performance, and then out to Noodles and Co. for her birthday- could you buy a show or movie pass there? Would that count? How about a gift card for a meal? Would that count? Both are easy and fun!

Anonymous said...

Re: what to do with unwanted gift cards. Drop them off at a women's shelter.

Anonymous said...

How about a nice CHECK?? made out to her, to spend as she likes.