May 10, 2007

Finally some new underwear

It's been in the list of exceptions from the beginning. Compactors can buy new underwear and not feel guilty. Or so we say. From the first month of the Compact I've been asking where I could find some ecological underwear. Who's selling the socially concious, environmentally sound drawers?
I don't believe we've all gotten so in touch w/ nature that we're ridin' our bikes and planting trees commando style. I don't buy it. And I didn't buy new underwear for 2 years.
But the tips I was given by my fellow environmentalists were kinda poor. Is it a requirement that environmentalists sport white granny panties that come via post? Buying clothes is a special sort of hell for me, so convincing myself to buy clothes I'd hate was just impossible.
Last week I started thinking I should layer my holey underwear to create one whole pair. But it's more of an art/ political piece w/ the symbolic "No Bush in 2004" pair on the outside (thanks, beth!).
So yeah, I got over my hang ups and took a trip to Stonestown Mall's Victoria Secrets.
Gotcha! For real, I went to American Apparel, only to come home to a lecture from my darling housemate: "You KNOW American Apparel's NOT a good company".


stephanie said...

it's america's next top porno that doesn't run sweatshops.

Natalie said...

They're not??? I'd like to hear that lecture....

Natalie said...
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Nancy Poh said...

And I thought I am mean.

For someone who would consider not buying new underwear you do need lots of ideas on how to create your whatever.

So, have you learned to make your own menstrual pad? Here are some how-to instructions that includes one for the output. Nothing is wasted.

I hope you find my greenbeingnancy blog useful in your life. It is all about creating practical things out of abandoned material aka waste.

nm said...


If you buy good quality underwear, you don't have to replace it yearly.

Seriously. I have very lovely underwear that I have had for years - ditto for socks.

As for the menstrual pads thing. Ugh, that is one thing I'm not going to do myself. I have moved to the seventh generation ones and since I am now in some freaking perimenopausal phase, god knows how many more I'll go through this week.


Anonymous said...

Just for my own knowledge, whats so bad about American Apparel? I know they recently sold, do you know something about the sale that the rest of us don't. Are they already outsourceing to Laos?

Beth said...

I'm glad the No Bush in 2004 briefs are still getting mileage!! A new item on my to-do list: hand-make eco-friendly underwear for you. Call me to discuss details. - Beth!

Beth said...

hey again:

here is a nice link to patterns for making your own underwear out of old t-shirts

rachel said...

nm, it took me 2 years to replace it. it had been several months before the compact began that i had last bought new underwear. quality does count.

beth!, thanks for the tips. sounds like a fun way to spend my time at the really really free market next weekend.
and thanks for the polymers article. i'm thinking of holding a beach party where we all pick up nurdles.

Christa said...

Is it a requirement that environmentalists sport white granny panties that come via post?

My underwear comes by post but they're not even REMOTELY granny panties. Check out:

I haven't actually tried the bamboo ones yet (they're on order) but the blue canoe bikinis are TEH R0XX0R! Best underwear EVAR!

threecolorsallblack said...

American Apparel markets itself as a company that treats its workers well, yet when the workers attempted to organize in 2003 (to deal with concerns such as healthcare and lack of paid leave) the company launched an anti-union campaign of intimidation and harassment, violating federal labor law in the process (they've since made an agreement to stop the anti-union harrasment, but the damage has largely been done).

Additionally, they have threatened legal action against magazines that run articles critical of their claims of progressive policies, and their retail hiring practices have been criticised as possibly discriminatory a la Ambercrombie & Fitch.

Then there's the issue of exactly how earth friendly an incredibly water-intensive crop like cotton is...

These are a few of the cons- they're still more socially/ ecologically responsible than most major clothing manufacturers. It's just important to view the claims they promote themselves with (and that have made them one of the fastest-growing companies in the US) with a dose of skepticism.

sugarmezzo said...

Is there something wrong with going commando? I grew up really poor, and underwear was something we could go without, so we did, and I can't STAND to wear them now. I have tried - I own exactly two pairs, and I use them for when I go shopping (because despite the fact that I never ever wear them, I think it's pretty gross to try on clothes without them on). Just stop wearing them. Life is better that way =)

sallysadie said...

For lovely underthings sustainably produced, check out green knickers (link at my name).

Anonymous said...

for any one who doesn't want to make or buy reusable menstrual pads, have you ever looked at cups? this is THE best thing that i ever bought for myself - i bought one two years ago, and i've never bought pads or tampons since. seriously, this is an amazing alternative. i use one made by a canadian manufacturer:
and if you can't find that in the usa, try:
this was an amazing, freeing purchase for me - and although you DO have to buy one, it means not buying other products for years.

funky dudette said...

I am a compacter too and I can say to you right now that I cannot believe you are INTO it.

The consumerist economy of our beautiful America thanks you for quitting. If and when you quit and say so on this blog, I will thank you profusely for the proof that it is not entirely a good thing.

mens microfiber underwear said...

"If you buy good quality underwear, you don't have to replace it yearly."
ummm yes. you do.

Great post!


mens underwear said...

I can't agree more quality underwear goes a long way and its nice and comfy :) although i think i do need to throw my old ones away.