May 31, 2007

Cultivation Karma?

Aren't Quivus and Zalaazil cute inspecting these free tomato plants? This is a rare treat because they kill all species from the kingdom Plantae, as Quivus quickly demonstrated moments after the photo was taken.

I scored 36 free tomato plants on Wool St yesterday, thanks to a tip from fellow Compactor, John Perry. I snagged them on the way down the hill from a dog walk, left 6 in the community garden on Cortland, and stashed the rest behind my client's stairs for a day. Hauling them home on my bike was tricky. The effort was aided by a passing neighbor who took 6 more off my hands! On my street, Raul's going to pass a few down the street, leaving me with about 18 plants. Still too many.
Can't wait to call my dad to get the skinny on tomato cultivation! They smell so good!


Chile said...

Hope you enjoy your tomatoes...or at least what your kitties left you with. Luckily my pup hasn't exhibited interest in destroying my tiny garden yet.

I'm tagging you with a '7 random facts about yourself' meme. Please stop on by my new site and check out the details.

A said...

Hi There,

Just thought you might want to check the ASPCA toxic plant list..I think I saw tomatoes on the list..

And about light bulbs...there are a couple studies regarding the fluorescent bulbs causing health issues..even the newer ones...I don't think it's such a great idea to jump on one band wagon and actually cause more problems in another area...We save energy but end up boasting medical costs...there are all those lights in the schools and our kids are having more and more problems..Who really knows why so many kids are having so many problems with health issues and learning...could it have something to do with??? There is also the disposal issue...You might try SOLEX bulbs...they mimic sunlight almost exactly...


rachel said...

It is said that tomatoes cause tummy upset if ingested. I'm pretty hip to the toxic plants, having worked w/ dogs and cats for years now. My cats have no plant access because they make such a mess, unfortunately. Quivus dragged one of the tomato plants around the kitchen... monster. I worry less about them eating plants than tin foil. Why does Zalaazil like that?

Ilix said...

Great snag! Also, congrats on the community grden idea! What a great way to make sure that the harvest is truly used up! Can't wait to pictures of you all pitching in, and enjoying!

Sarah said...

Do you think that you have too many plants because you have nowhere to plant them? Well, some brilliant soul thought up this trick of planting them upside-down in a bucket -- that way you can hang them in out-of-the-way places and use the ground space for other things. An upside-down bucket of tomato plants would also make a terrific, if extremely heavy, summer gift.