Apr 10, 2007

McLaren Park Earth Day

Plans for McLaren Park Earth Day are well underway! What an exciting day for southeast SF.
Today I snagged name tags from SCRAP so that staff will be identifiable. While I was there I saw a fifty gallon drum full of waterbottles. I took fifty to put into the canvas bags (also from SCRAP) that I'm giving out to the first 50 participants. We've decided to have water stations with biodegradable cups.

I also had the pleasure to meet some community activists at the Bayview Hunter's Point Foundation for Community Improvement. I was introduced to a local dance artist who works not only with his own group, Sick with It, but also with other youth in a group called Gig Squad. I was also given the contact info for Bread Me Out Family.We hope to schedule these performers to kick off the event. I'm very excited to have the ear of these local performers!

I've arranged 3 bike rides to McLaren Park for the event. I'm kinda trippin' b/c they haven't appeared on bikespring.org yet, but the word has gone out along other channels.

This Earth Day celebration is all about local community and local action. It's an opportunity to learn about the various efforts of our neighbors to positively impact the local environment. If you're working on an Earth Day project in your community, post a comment so perhaps we can learn from each other.

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