Apr 3, 2007

Home Purge

7 years ago I moved to San Francisco with an army duffle bag, rolling suitcase, backpack, and pillow. I also shipped my computer here. I was 19, leaving in Georgia my folks, my horse, dog, and 5 cats. And a ton of material crap I now can't believe I ever had.
I have way more shit now. And while I consider it to be of higher quality (for the most part) the volume of things is astounding.
I purged my room tonight, found tons of stuff I wish I had taken to the Really Really Free Market on Saturday. I discovered a bounty of paper begging to be recycled - mostly manuals from Apple products long gone or out of warranty.
I also discovered that I have 5 leashes, 4 correction collars, 3 soft collars, 2 gentle leaders, two id tags and no dog. And yet, none of these items made it into the "bye bye" pile.
I'm blaming this on the Compact, believe it or not. See, this whole purge is a step toward my move to London. But I'm actually considering hanging on to crap as a result of my anti-consumerist experiment - because I don't want to have to find these things later! It's that weird tendency to guard my possessions that I've noticed several times in the past 15 months. I'm actually considering moving about 120 degrees of longitude w/ a small stash of ALL of the possible things I could need. Seriously, like even binder clips, envelopes and notebook paper or my supply of volunteer t-shirts (my veritable uniform for dog walking), b/c I have a TON of that shit here.
Am I destined to arrive for grad school w/ a duffle full of office supplies?


Alina said...

Thats funny... I can totally relate to that. That tendency seems to run in my family. My mother moved while I was studying abroad, that was more than one year ago. She has a whole room full of boxes she brought from the old house, still waiting to be unpacked... Last time I was home I was digging through the boxes trying to find something, obviously without success... Among other useless crap I have no idea why she kept, I found a manual from our old Pentium 486... which we replaced before our even previous move, in 2000!!! that little manual had a serious survival instinct... It made it through two moves unharmed... May the little guy rest in peace now.

Anyway... just thought I would say I enjoy reading your blog... you contributed to my sudden inspiration to create my own. I would be honoured if you dropped by ;)


Faye said...

Purge even more. We have dog collars and bulldog clips in the UK, more than you could ever need.

And if you are missing your shit, you are welcome to the shit that I stored at my parents to come travelling (even after my clean-out I still managed to keep loads).


Anonymous said...

But what if you get a dog? And then you'll need the dog collars etc and surely throwing something out only to go and buy it again is consumer madness?

Anonymous said...

Purge it all! I think about it this way: If I'm holding on to things I don't need, but somebody else does, they will go out and purchase them...which is bad. If you need this stuff in the future, you will find it. Trust in the karma.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with anon of the 30th; and happy that someone else has voiced it. Trust that the future will provide for you.