Apr 5, 2007

Bottled Water Sucks

I've decided that we should go about making bottled water less hip. Tap water is sexy, people, so robust, rugged... and yummy. Tap water is so alternative, not mainstream (ha!) at all.
Check out the bottled water pledge on the SF Dept of the Environment's website.
Take it. Water is a serious environmental justice issue. And while I could drink bottled water as a Compactor, that's silly.
I found this image in an article about "Steve Trewhella who adopted his local beach in Dorset and organises regular clean-ups". Stewardship, like tap water, is Compact friendly. Beach cleaning is a laudable alternative to shopping.

I wish I could figure out how to supply McLaren Park Earth Day with non-bottled water. I'm thinking about trying to get ahold of a bunch of water coolers via freecycle. We could refill them throughout the day. But I might be the only one who's down for this idea because it will be so labor intensive.


Alina said...

But if you did have water coolers, wouldn't you also need to provide plastic cups? Wouldn't that kinda beat the point? What about drinking fountains? Do they exist? Maybe you can convince the powers that be to install one... I know this is probably impractical, but its just a thought.

rachel said...

ah, good point. my thought was that i could do one of 2 things: a) also score plastic cups via freecycle/thriftshops- either disposable or not. b) get the corn based cups (which would have to be new, yes)
I'm collecting plastic tubs, like for yogurt. But I'm wondering if SFers will snub those as cups.

L.L. Barkat said...

Yes, and in 3rd world countries, they burn them as fuel. (Oh, yes, supertoxic.) I'm with you... let's keep the water out the bottles.

Anonymous said...

Here is another excellent reason to not use plastic water bottles.

Anonymous said...

The plastic water bottles are #2 and most places that recycle can recycle #2 plastic. Problem is getting people to recycle.

Mary said...

and at the same time we should rethink unnecessary levels of fluoride in the tap water supply... see www.fluoridealert.org

superpigs4all said...

besides the plastic bottles, bottled water is less regulated than public water supplies:


by convincing the bulk of spenders that tap is inferior to bottled, less interest remains for protecting our public water supplies...and a part of the commons is lost...often to private corporations:


Anonymous said...

Question... we're currently filtering our tap water at home... I don't want to stop filtering out the gunk, but that means having to buy new filters. Does that fit in the 'exceptions' since it's kind of contributing to my 'food'? :)

Ren said...

According to Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, it would cost about $33 billion to get clean water to everyone who needs it for drinking and sanitation.

Interestingly, this is about half the amount of money that is spent on bottled water every year.

Gavi said...

We also filter our water (straight from the tap is kinda nasty in my area) and carry it around in our Sigg and Klean Kanteen bottles. We consider filters to fall under our food/health/safety exemptions.