Mar 11, 2007

Stolen Coffee Cup

Argh, someone jacked my coffee cup off my bike yesterday. The one that I bought new (see novemberish post) broke pretty quickly. Yup, I was pissed. So I dragged my ass to the thriftstore and found a pretty awesome cup. Of about 10, it was the only one that would work on my bike.

It had a handle that was open at the bottom so I could slip it onto my belt while walking dogs in the morning or doing habitat restoration. I was kind of in love with that handle. It made up for the fact that the it didn't have the little hole in the lid to make the coffee flow out smoothly. Oh! and the lid would screw on to make it either left or right handed.

These must be the features that inspired the theif. Or maybe s/he could smell the Philz remnants in the bottom.


Anonymous said...

What if the person who took your cup needed it more than you did?

rachel said...

well, if s/he had asked, i would have taken them across the street to Thriftown and bought them one.