Mar 8, 2007

Still No Jubilee

It's been 2 months since we decided that a Jubilee Day is in order (a reprieve from the Compact day). I seriously tried to shop yesterday, but failed, again.

I was riding around prime shopping districts (Valencia St, 24th St, and upper Haight), distributing postcards about an anti-war action on 3/19. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe I was feeling plagued by war guilt. It's true that when I think of Iraqi women entering the fifth year of occupation and war, I think I'll never shop again.

When I think of the brand new bullets and bombs I paid for during my year of compacting, I feel silly for craving new jewlery to keep the holes in my tongue and ears open. Small bits of metal, not unlike the ones I want, are tearing people open on a daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I was trying so hard to multi-task. I went into piercing shops between cafes, bookstores, and Middle Eastern restaurants. I was disappointed by selection and disenchanted w/ the coolness of, even my own, body art. What is wrong w/ me?

But today I went to SCRAP to get supplies to make banners and street theater pieces for the Die In. I was enthusiastic and damn near feverish w/ my shopping. I scored some fabulous fabric and paint, all of which would have been in a dumpster if not for SCRAP.

Oh, check some new links below and Hong Kong to the right.

This is a pledge about not being obsessed w/ material things!

This is a cool project, check it out! The picture of the turtle eating a plastic bag has solidly ensured that I will become even more fanatical about not accepting new plastic bags from shopkeepers.


Anonymous said...

I feel a little uneasy when i see my long followed lifestyle choices being espoused by americans. Makes of wonder if i need to modify.

rachel said...

makes me wonder why you're living that way.

sia said...

I think what you are doing is totally fantastic, every one that is part of compact too. I think of myself as a farly socialaly responsible person,I Shop at the co-op, bring my own bags, and about 90% of my wordrobe has come from thrift stores. however I am still more matirealist and new stuff orianted than I would like and am thinking of trying to do the compact thing (for a month at first, then maybe longer) got any pointers?

Dr. Charles Thompson said...

Where do you get this stuff from? Getting people not to waste things is fine ... but you are way out there in left field.

Why? What are you really trying to get done ...