Mar 20, 2007

moment of hilarity at yesterday's die in

Somewhere between being handcuffed w/ disposable zip ties and being hauled off in police van for civil disobedience, I had a righteous exchange with an SFPD officer. The internal dialogue I was having was even more ridiculous but I'll spare you my musings on how the arrest was blowing my compact karma.

SFPD: Do you have anything in your pockets.
Me: It's all in the right one. Wait, that bag is huge.
SFPD: Do you have an ID? (dumping the contents of my right pocket into an 85 gallon plastic bag. contents included cellphone, $20 cash, MY ID!, BART ticket, two keys)
Me: Wait, I have a bag in my left pocket. I'm a dog walker, I always have a bag. Use it instead.
SFPD: (removes my bag from left pocket. places it into the 85 gallon plastic bag)
Me: Do you REUSE these bags?!
Me: That's great, but do you REUSE them?

Yes, I would have a panic attack over the giant plastic bag that was being used to collect my "property". And only here would the cop know to tell me that they're recycled.

After spending weeks trying to keep this action environmentally friendly (banners and shrouds all made by loving hands from reused fabric and paint from SCRAP, low amounts of printing for outreach, keeping the actions central to BART stations), I was losing it over the giant plastic bag. I brought it home to use, of course. I'm convinced I can cut it in half and use it twice. It is seriously huge!

Btw, I don't disrespect the SFPD officers for this policy. I just had to think a bit about the ecological impact of mass arrest. When comparing it to all of the environmental impact of war, I don't feel bad at all. It was telling this weekend to see folks out with signs that said "Environmentalist against the War" or the oft repeated, "War is not good for children and other living things".


Malva said...

You made me laugh: "But they're RECYCLED!" LOL!

Anonymous said...

Seems like you're more worried about plastic bags than Iraq.

If it was me, I would act locally and try to go talk to the people at Safeway and try to convince them to use paper.

And never forget. You're a dog-walker, not a political thinking or someone with an advanced degree.

Maybe spreading propaganda at Safeway is a little more within your capabilities.

Lisander said...

Think of the zip-ties used too

Anonymous said...

How can you say that Iraq isn't a local problem? We're paying for it. It is our problem.

As we're paying for it (whether we have "advanced degrees" or not) it's our responsibility to end it.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that you are occupied with walking dogs. While I appreciate your concern for the environment, perhaps a bit of a perspective adjustment is in order for you. The road to hell is paved with good intentions...