Mar 22, 2007

250 mile diet

Yeah, so I got that Colin and fam are doing the 250 mile diet, I guess I'm just surprised at the limited variety of crops you can grow in the NE. (Though I shouldn't be surprised. I'm a geographer for goodness sake.)

We're spoiled in California. We can grow so many things... w/ loads of irrigation that is.

I crack up here when I see avocados from Chile during California's off season. Organic stores actually advertise them at times. We can grow so much here, do we have to have EVERYTHING all the time? My produce company wants me to buy bananas from Equador. Sometimes it seems like the organic craze is a bit selfish. Folks want to eat food that's healthy for them, but the fact that it's good for other life is just a happy byproduct.

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nm said...

I have to agree that Colin's idea of not using oils and vinegars and spices are sort of short sighted.

Even in the 1800's people traded commodities such as spices, coffee and sugar. It was a way of life.

His blog has amused me to no end. The idea of going from calling out for coffee and a bagel to making your own vinegar because you can't find a decent source of vinegar in your own city is just moving from one end of the spectrum to the other.

I'm sure some apple orchard in the Hudson river valley makes some fine vinegar.

You are luckier in the bay area. We can't claim any oil here in the NW, but we have pretty much everything I care about except for citrus covered.

As for the bag thing for his dog, same stuff. We still get the paper and our bags are used for that. I hate it, but they are getting used. I would love to find a biodegradable plastic alternative for dog bags.

Then again, you are not trying to make your life into a book, you are living it. Expect Colin to walk to all the film festivals this year unless of course, you want to send him a voucher for a first class ticket.