Feb 6, 2007

Article of the Week

I started looking for the reading material I'll need if I go to a particular grad program this fall and I'm thinking we should have a reading club. There's a course on consumption and sustainability so I've run into several articles that are pertinent to Compacting.
I'm starting with "The dynamics of the willingness to consume" by Inge Ropke. You can find that in Ecological Economics 28 (1999) 399-420. If you like this sort of reading, check it out and lemme know what you think.

We have Washington and Iowa groups now! That list to the right just keeps growing.

I did some filming this weekend with super cool, independent film maker Miguel and journalist, Elsa (with spaghetti, the cat lending crucial support). So perhaps there's a short about the Compact coming to Current TV some day. You should check out the film that Miguel has on Current TV right now. It's about the role of Mexican laborers in the post Katrina cleanup of New Orleans. http://www.current.tv/watch/13668390

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Supriyo said...

Rachel, i have a suggestion for approching your studies.
I believe that the problems of consumption, sustainability etc. are rooted in our mind. We try to impose restrictions on us from outside by setting up some rules, do's--dont's, but it becomes a burden after a prolonged practice under pressure and ultimately the whole exercise become outward gestures.
On the contrary if we start by analysing our mind ie. the thought process, we will find that we are not guided by a rational , simple mind. We are mostly influenced by our beliefs, likes, dislikes, opinions, prejudices etc. and these are mostly injected into us by our social and educational system.
So we must start by developing a SIMPLE MIND. If we can develop a simple mind ,we can very easily accept and live a simple life. Then the practice will never seem a burden for us.
Be Happy