Jan 9, 2007

Tips on linking up w/ folks in your area

I've gotten lots of requests to post links to this blog for regional compact groups. I've had some admin switching to do, but I'll post a long list soon.
Until then, if you want to find folks, you can search on yahoo for "compact" and your area (mostly by state, a few cities, and the South).
Or you can join the main yahoo group. If you join the main yahoo group, set your membership preference to "web only" or your inbox will be flooded w/ several hundred messages per day.
that's the not so fun side of the main group, but the nice part is there is a file "Directory of Local Compacts" or something like that, which lists the regional groups. You can also put up a post to try to find other folks in your area. I'd definitely ask people to respond directly if you go this route.

I've gotten some enlightening feedback on military family budgets. I'll try to mesh it all together in the next couple of days. Truly it's a lesson in civics.
And I'm getting more and more interested in the idea of faith and materialism. I'm really excited to see other people talking about this! As a conservationist, I'm often trying to bring together groups that think they're in opposition to one another (think sportsmen and water activists). But often with environmental issues, there's a natural synergy that develops around the stewardship of land. I'm stoked to see people engaging in a similar conservation about a religious mandate to care for the earth.
Whatever reaches people. One day the right winger will lay down by the left winger.


Supriyo said...

Rachel,i believe religious mandate to take care of the things for which we are not giving our proper attention is basically the inner voice we always hear but refuse to give proper attention. The modern world disillusioned by it's apparent successes in the material field disregards the inner calls and inevitably facing the danger of extinctions.

The Crusade you started must accelarate now to give us an opportunity to live our life gracefully.

sem68-19 said...

Hi Rachel,

I was educated to live in the 'Compact logic' because of a family natural choice, but I also like to buy new stuff. :) Boxing Day sales began yesterday, but I also like watching people shopping!!

I currently live in France, so is there any one from the yahoo group, here in Europe?


Becca said...

There's a great group of Christian environmentalists/conservationists/stewards called Restoring Eden

paula said...

Have you ever considered contacting meetup.com to add a "Compact" group?