Jan 27, 2007

Really Really Free

I rode down to the Really Really Free Market yesterday, which was held outside the Montgomery St. Bart stationin solidarity w/ the SF anti-war march. In sharing our material goods, we talked about common values and worked on creating the change we want to see in our society. This was a great opportunity to meet like-minded folks and I encourage you to check for a RRFM in your area. If there isn't one, start one.
While there, I ran into fellow compactor, Sandy from the East Bay, and his lovely daughter, Emma. They're going to be on their way to Missouri for a move and I hope to relay some of his blog posts here. That's super interesting to me as (inshallah) I'll be going to grad school in the fall and so will be making a move myself. I feel so challenged by the Compact-transnational move that I've gone month to month w/ this venture. (Though there is a Compact Europe now, see the link to the right) Sandy and his family will be an inspiration; I'm glad someone is forging the path.

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