Jan 30, 2007

Podcast and an Australian Shopping Sabbatical

I did a great interview with Scott of the Money Blogger Podcast so I thought I'd post a link. He asked some really insightful questions and I think I came to understand more about my experiences w/ the Compact as a result of this interview.
He's also got some really interesting interviews on his blog, including one with Judith Levine (author of "Not Buying It: My Year without Shopping). Check it out at

And some Australian friends of the Compact are launching their own endeavour, called the Shopping Sabbatical. They sent along this nifty invitation that I can't seem to load here. But maybe you can find it on their new blog http://www.nomorestuff.blogspot.com/
So go, read, comment!


Anonymous said...

I've read your whole blog and I think what you're doing is great. I also listened to your interview and your idea of following an item from production to the point of it actually being worn-out is very intriguing. I am attempting this for year 2007.

Christine said...

Rachel, I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and am very impressed. The interview was great; very thought provoking. My family (myself, husband, and two little kids) are attempting to follow the compact this year, too. I find your blog a source of inspiration. Keep up the good work!

Kansas Simplicity said...

Great interview and the compact has inspired me over the past year as well as those who are participating in the effort. I have found an evolving path to greater simplicity, frugality and avoiding consumerism and with it a sense of balance and fulfillment. Thanks for sharing and being a catalyst within this community.

Also, the comment on 'destroying' the economy by limiting purchases is really not true. As a trained economist, savings is crucial to the investment cycle and my sense is compacting is about frugality and savings too as a result of the focus on avoiding the consumerism culture impacts. Saving money is really consuming a 'financial product' which is beneficial to the economy yet not part of consumerism.

Keep up the great work and best of luck in graduate school.

Simplicity in Kansas

Supriyo said...

Thanks for giving us an opportunity to listen to your interview.