Jan 10, 2007

on retail therapy

So I've had a couple of bad days. Chalk it up to family stuff and "the surge". I woke up this morning and had a hellacious urge to shop. I'm not kidding. I was quoted in an article as saying that the impulse buying wanes after a year compacting. I stick to that, but a sudden attack of the retail therapy virus was shocking.
To relieve myself of the symptoms (pensive account monitoring, racing thoughts of Valencia St.) I found some books to sell to a shop. I got some credit and picked up a (used) copy of an Edward Said book.
Then I went to Community Thrift to buy some new glasses. We constantly break them in our apartment, so we're mostly on to plastic. But I got three great glasses, one of which I broke before I got home. That's what happen when you transport glass on a bike.
In the fever of this virus, I wanted to declare today my Jubilee Day, and just go wild buying new stuff. Damn I want a new wind breaker. My best friend told me my current one is "beyond help". But the fierce wind actually kept me from going to See Jane Run for a new jacket! Ha! Guess the urge to shop wasn't as strong as I originally thought.


Anonymous said...

is online shopping a trance state? feels like it sometimes. I hate wandering around retail stores but am a total sucker for catalogue and online shopping. ebay is my methadone (buy used!) ... am thinking of joining the Compact but wondering if my will power is strong enough!

Zwischen said...

The large Compact Yahoo group is empty of messages. Is it a temporary glitch? Did the sheer volume of it make it crash?

Supriyo said...

Shopping i believe has got a trance like feeling. Our inner world prompts us to explore the meaning of life and makes us ask some fundamental questions about ourselves. As we make ourselves busy with day to day activities of life we ignore the inner quests. This makes a vaccum in our inner space.Knowingly or unknowingly we try to fill up the vaccum with immediate sensesations we get from buying or using new items as many as possible.
Let's look at ourselves,give attention to our inner searches to understand this phenomenon and to fight our way very easily and calmly.
Then only we can make the movement started by Compact a real success.

daharja said...

We've been 'compacting' for a year now, and the urge to shop still hits me occasionally, but is offset by the realisation thatwhatever I buy will often just become more useless clutter that I really don't need.

My biggest challenge is about to start - I'm due with our second baby in about three weeks time. If anything was designed to encourage a person to spend, its becoming a new Mum! Wish me well! Luckily, my brother's wife had a baby of the same gender a year ago, so we've got pretty much everything we need secondhand already. But being able to resist the millions of cute new outfits will be hard.

Abstract Figure said...

Hey, nice blog.
I just discovered you when I read the N.Y. Times article yesterday.
When I get the shopping urge it's usually for music or movies...or comics. Recently I've been trying to go to the library. In addition to "regular books" our library has a pretty big collection of DVDs, CDs, and graphic novels.

Keep up the good work!