Jan 18, 2007

Jubilee Attempted

Wow, my shopping skills are gone, not that they were ever that honed. I tried to have my Jubilee Day yesterday in celebration of my acceptance to grad school. I say "tried" because I failed to shop.
Yes, I browsed. I tried on windbreakers. I looked at sizes and saw the words "made in vietnam". I'd like to think that I didn't buy a new windbreaker because they were all ugly, not sufficiently reflective, and lacking removeable sleeves, but I'm not so sure. Perhaps my need for perfection has been amplified by the compact. If it isn't just right, I see 47 other reasons not to buy the jacket and walk away.
My current windbreaker is beyond embarrassing now. But it makes me feel safe when I ride so I wear it. Torn cuff, holy, unzipping pockets, stains and all.
There have been some comments on professional attire and the affect of second hand clothing on one's social/employment status. I have to say, I've always been lucky to be a professional dog walker: Canines do not mind chain oil stains on your ankles or tears on your cuffs. But I'm starting to feel a bit grungy. Only because I hate shopping, not because I can't find decent used clothes (windbreaker withstanding).


zachary said...

Hello Rachel,

I am a correspondent for AFP, the French wire service and international news agency. Pardon my posting, but AFP would like to interview you. I can be reached at zslobig@gmail.com.


zachary slobig

Daphne said...

Hey Rachel - just a quick hello, I really dig yr blog.

Supriyo said...

Dear Rachel,
The comments on clothing and one's social/employment status is worth noting. We make the issue so important that our status or more specifically ego guide and influence our actions ignoring the real need of the situation. And our this ego is manipulated efficiently by the marketers to make it big for themselves.
Let's be conscious and stop being toys in their hands.

Be Happy

Anonymous said...


In case you don't already know, when you get to the UK, you can find cool clothes at OxFam thrift shops. It's a great charity, and the clothes are often nice. Don't know about windbreakers though. Congrats on your acceptance.


Anonymous said...

Rachel - I have several windbreakers I don't use (don't ask). If you're a small and don't mind a pink and purple one from Patagonia it's yours. I also have 2 men's navy ones my husband doesn't use. Maybe we could swap for a training session where you teach me how to get my puppy to 'come'? I live in the East Bay. Let me know if you're interested.

rachel said...

EB Dog Mom,
Congrats on your pup! Unfortunately I'm a medium.
The come command is one of the most important for a dog. A couple of notes from a dog lover.

1) It's got to be positive. Every time your dog comes to you it's a good thing.

2)Enforce it on the first call until he can do it right. I love to use a 15-30 foot lead on pups. When I call the dog, I'll give the command, reel him in, and reward him verbally, physically, or with treats. He doesn't have the option to fail w/ a long lead but he has some freedom to run.

3) Say it plainly and once. "Moto,come". That's it. Don't continuously call your dog or say his name over and over and over. You desensitize him to both the command and his name. And if he's not coming, you losing your authority by begging him.

4)Never ever call a dog to you to scold him for doing something wrong. The effect is that you end up scolding him for coming to you. Why would he come back the next time you call him? And don't scold him for not coming, it's counter productive. See tip # 1.

Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Rachel - I do have some windbreakers from my husband that are a medium - if you're interested. I think both are golf type windbreakers.
The long lead is a good idea - we try to do it off leash in the yard or around the house and it's way too distracting for him (other dog, cats, birds butterflies, etc). I think we need to go to a park. He's a cutie pie for sure - though the not coming makes me quite nervous.
Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

hey. my mom joined compact and personally i think that I will never reach your mindset. i am savi g up for a huge shopping spree on jubilee day... i aggree with compact but i love shopping. (im 13). c ya...