Jan 25, 2007

Compacting Other Businesses

Since folks are really into the idea of compacting your job, I started thinking about other businesses. I buy food and sometimes I think I spend extra time at the grocery store because I don't shop much of anywhere else. I'm also slightly in love w/ 2 cashiers at my favorite grocery store...
But yeah, I'm the wacko who holds up the line by carefully arranging my stuff into my messenger bag, all the while scowling at other customers loading up plastic and paper bags. I'm working on the scowl, I promise. Then I get the obligatory receipt and ask them to recycle it.
Sticking w/ food, I worked at a diner style restaruant for 5+ years. We dumped plasticware into every to go order when I'm sure many folks were going home to eat. Everytime I buy a burrito it's wrapped in tin foil, put into a paper bag, which is then put into a plastic bag (which I don't take, but most do).
I took a professional exception for shoes last year b/c I walk the hills w/ dogs all the time. But I was annoyed to buy shoes and watch the boxes go straight to recycling. Can't the manufacturers take them back? Brand new shoes were the only things in them.
How can we, as consumers (and we all consume something) change these standards? I love my grocery store b/c it's not corporate, but they don't have a bag recycling system and food receipts are useless.
Any small business owners out there have any suggestions on the best way to approach our favorite businesses about excess packaging and such?


Supriyo said...

Rachel, i can suggest something what we are practicing here. We used to carry our own shopping bags whenever we need to shop.This practice helps in refusing extra packaging which can be avoided and at the same time puts a break on compulsive buying when we are not carrying the bag.

Anonymous said...

i heard about "the compact" on KPLU. keep up the good work. I appreciate your suggestions.
E, Seattle

Amanda said...

My dh recently pointed out to me that I make ugly faces at people using a bunch of plastic bags. Apparently I make the same face when I read labels that have ingredients in there that I don't like. Oh well, I suppose I should work on that too. =P

I seem to get more ugly looks from people who think I am holding up the line. My bags really don't take any longer. I don't know what their problem is! Maybe they're jealous of all of my cool thrift-store canvas totes, lol.

Jennifer in Texas said...

You can recycle the shoe boxes and other rectangular things to an elementary school. Some teachers love using these for classroom mailboxes, arts & craft storage, etc... If you have any teacher friends, ask if they have use for these items or check with a local elementary school.

Love your blog! :)

Angela said...

I would take that receipt home to your own recycling bin/memo pad of reused paper.
I just know as soon as I turn around it would go into the garbage bin under the cash register. There's no recycling bin down there at my grocery store.