Jan 2, 2007

compact karma gone awry

If you've read the AP article on the compact or my post about the stolen bike seat, then you know that I've had some really good luck finding stuff I need while compacting. Something weird is in the air as of late though.
I've been a dog and cat sitter for six years, and have never really had anything of mine destroyed until recently when a pittie ate my helmet. This past weekend a wily cat ate through the power cord for my laptop. The crazy part of all of this is that both items were brand spakin' new when attacked by the anxious jaws of Bella and Sybil - two very sweet critters. (The helmet is a safety item. The power cord was given to me by a friend who borrowed my laptop while I was traveling. He was tired of using the soddered, sparking fire hazard that I delivered w/the computer.)

I tried to get a used power cord before but no one wants to give those up. Might have to grab a new one on Jubilee Day. Can't believe I have to brave the Apple store again! Temptation.


Anonymous said...

don't do it! I was in a similar situation recently and was amazed by the turnout of perfectly good power adapters when I asked a few friends. Many people have boxes full of old adapters that work perfectly with new computers as with old. It may take a little engineering help (plentiful around here) to get the correct voltage, current and connector (you can re-use some components), but there is no reason to go buy a new power adapter for any electronic device. I have a box of used ones from my latest collection, and I bet I can make one work for you.

misterspin said...

For used computer supplies try: Tom's Computer Warehouse
710 Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA
Phone: (510) 558-1080

Anonymous said...

Below find a piece I originally wrote 7 years ago called 'Slob Chic' about the whole artful aspect of living beyond the mass consumption mess.

I spotted a yahoo article about Compact yesterday and thought it be fun to pass along the counterpart.


Anonymous said...

what do you need exactly?

Antonello Musina said...

Hi, now all Italy knows about The Compact Karma: after reading the AP article today I wrote about your group on Blogosfere, the major Italian blog network. Your story is really inspiring. Best of luck!

Jane Warren journalist Daily Express UK said...

Your story has made it to the UK in a news story in the Daily Telegraph today. We would love to do a follow up in the UK's Daily Express, chatting to one of the founder members about the ethos behind the group, the global reaction received, and including an overview of the past 12 months. This would take the form of a two-page feature in the paper with lots of tips on how to do something similar.
I am also personally interested in this as I survived my recent 12 month maternity leave by cutting down to the basics, recycling clothes from the back of the wardrobe, rediscovering the pleasure of hand-making greetings cards, and buying all my baby gear second hand on eBay. It was very powerful for me and I am sticking with a lot of the principles.
So I am delighted to be working on this story.
Please email me at jane@zilvester.com so we can fix up a phone interview.
Many thanks for your help
Jane Warren, Senior Feature Writer, Daily Express, London

jane Warren Journalist Daily Express UK said...

Hi Rachel
Since posting my email, I've been reading your entire blog and would like to refine my request. Could we please conduct the phone interview I suggested with you personally? You have some great ideas and I've really enjoyed the style of your blog. I also particularly like the idea of service-gifts for Christmas, and the story about the rescue pet suggestion.
It's clear you would make a great interviewee and your insights would provide food for thought for our three million readers. I would also propose to lift some excerpts from your blog and publish those alongside the article.
We could pay you £200 for your time which would involve approx 45 minutes on the phone.
I'd be really grateful if you could email and let me know either way whether you are interested. We hope to run this early next week if at all possible.
Look forward to hearing from you
Jane Warren
Daily Express, London, UK

Anonymous said...

Here's a link for charity giving. The site Whatgoesaround.org was recently absorbed into this. You can sign up with a list of your favorite charities and people can donate in your name for gift-giving occasions.


Anonymous said...

Here's a link for charity giving. The site Whatgoesaround.org was recently absorbed into this. You can sign up with a list of your favorite charities and people can donate in your name for gift-giving occasions.


Anonymous said...

do you have the specifications for your powercord ? What exactly are you looking for ?

Languishing in LA said...

Karma lives! I have a dearth of Mac power cords at the moment (well, actually just one more than I have laptops), anyway, it's not sparking, but it's not gorgeous, either. it should work on any Mac laptop from clamshell (G3) to pre-Macbook.

I will gladly donate it to you. I could use some karma myself.

Just let me know where to send it, and it's yours.


Anonymous said...

People needing computer parts should be aware that there are actual *clubs* of people who're nutz about computers. In the Mac world, these are called "User's Groups", or Mac User's Groups, or MUGs. These groups will be filled with people who have boxes of extra computer gizmos lying around, and more or less live to help others by passing those things on.

When you think of it, probably any group, say the horse club, dog club, whatever, is a great place to look for specific (extra) items.