Dec 28, 2006

2007 & Christmas Recap

With 4 compacting days left of 2006, I'm constantly being asked if I'm going to do this for another year. I think some folks in the original group are up for another year, minus one crazy day, currently dubbed the "jubilee day".

I don't know if I can commit to another full year right now, so I'm going month to month. January 2007 is going to be a compact month for me, though I might also participate in the jubilee day.

On another note, I wanted to share some of the clever Christmas gifts I got this year.

I'd heard of before, but am learning more about this organization that gives micro loans to small businesses. My brother made me a lender by contributing in my name.

A contribution to Family Builders by Adoption in my name has given me a great opportunity to talk my friends (not a few of whom are newly weds) about the option for adoption.

Perhaps that's one of the coolest things about donation gifts: you get to talk to folks about the organizations or the purpose that the money will serve.

My sister gave me " a day of culture" with her. She's provided ideas but in the end anything is possible. I really like this gift, time is a very valuable commodity.

The compact really made Christmas easier for me. After a whole year of telling people about it, my friends and family really thought about giving me (and presumably others) something that isn't a thing at all. Thanks folks!


chosha said...

I'm new to the compact, but my impression is that it is intended to be binding enough to force you to start being creative and learning ways to not buy new. Without that full commitment those lessons would be hard to learn - too easy to take the easy way out.

But as you've already mentioned in another post, this has become a lifestyle for you. I don't think you will need a commitment to never buying new in order to maintain your outlook and compact-inspired practices. Maybe the key is to make a decision each year to review the year that has been and decide if another full-on compact year is needed to keep your life where you want it.

Right now I DO need that commitment. I'm very new to this and while I totally agree with the compact in theory, 2007 will be my first attempt at pushing myself to practice the principles for real.

Happy New Year, whatever kind of year you decide it will be! And thanks for the inspiration.

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