Apr 19, 2006


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Jane Warren Journalist Daily Express UK said...

Your story has made it to the UK in a news story in the Daily Telegraph today. We would love to do a follow up in the UK's Daily Express, chatting to one of the founder members about the ethos behind the group, the global reaction received, and including an overview of the past 12 months. This would take the form of a two-page feature in the paper with lots of tips on how to do something similar.
I am also personally interested in this as I survived my recent 12 month maternity leave by cutting down to the basics, recycling clothes from the back of the wardrobe, rediscovering the pleasure of hand-making greetings cards, and buying all my baby gear second hand on eBay. It was very powerful for me and I am sticking with a lot of the principles.
So I am delighted to be working on this story.
Please email me at jane@zilvester.com so we can fix up a phone interview.
Many thanks for your help
Jane Warren, Senior Feature Writer, Daily Express, London