Mar 3, 2006

Receiptless Refund

I just checked the irs website regarding my refund: Will be mailed shortly with a letter explaining why I’m getting less than I calculated. They could just save that paper: I am terrible at math. Just thinking about that check makes me want to do a consumer circuit from Cortland to Valencia to 24th St. Anyway, here are 3 things that I swear I am not buying with this check.

1) A New Bike or Components to Build One
Instead I’m going to replace some rusty bolts after the rainy season, touch up some scratches, and just attempt to maintain the 3 bikes I have. And I’ll give some of the money I’m saving to the SF Bike Coalition to say thanks for those awesome bike lanes on Alemany!

2) A New Subwoofer for My Mac
I found used speakers, took them home and they don’t fit with my woofer. I desperately want to run out and buy a woofer that works. So easy at the Mac Store!!!

3) A Slew of Books, Cat Toys, a Jacket or Bag
Ok, that’s 4 things right there but those are my basic money blowin’ items. Oh and cards to send to the family.

What won’t you buy?


Baking Fairy said...

I am not going to buy a new cake pan, or a new cookbook, or the pretty pink rain boots I want so much, but instead I will bake with whatever pans I have, read recipes online and get soaked in my old boots and enjoy the rain-and of course pay debt! Happy Friday!

work from home said...

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Ginger said...

Instead of buying books,in addition to the library, there is and for audio books -

Both are free and growing daily.

Jacq said...

Thanks for the links Ginger. The librivox link is actually though. I did a search when the .com URL didn't work. These are great. I am studying ADHD and Learning Disabilities so these sites will come in handy. Even the one with the text format books is great for those with reading problems because you can get text to audio programs to read to you.

Jacq said...

I love your blog and really support what you are doing. Here is what I didn't buy - a laptop even though the price was fantastic and I could justify the spending because I got some scholarship money to go towards assistive technology & tuition. Someday I will get one but right now it is not absolutely necessary and maybe I'll be able to get a used one or something in the meantime (I just need something that I can WiFi assignments in with when I'm travelling).

For me, electronics are my downfall. I love computer stuff and everything that goes with them. I'm trying very hard not to buy anything and I'm going to use as much freeware as possible. BTW- you can get freeware that will open and save as MS Office file formats at It works great.

Anonymous said...

Looking to contact Rob Picciotto or John Perry. I'm with a national tv show. Can you please email me or let me know how I can reach them.
thank you!

Anonymous said...

Looking to contact Rob Picciotto or John Perry from SF. Can you please email me at

Anonymous said...

have you all considered using one of your links spots (or some other database feature on this blog, if there is on) to provide links for compact groups in other parts of the country? You've started a real grassroots thing here - and folks want to know how to join up close to home!

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry, hit "send" before I was done... if you have a desire for this to become a more widespread movement (and maybe you don't, that's fine too)... having one easy url for folks to visit to find one near them would be a great idea - "one stop shopping", if you will. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the IRS is going to send you a check for your refund. . .why wouldn't you get your refund electronically instead of having a check (paper) mailed to you in an envelope (paper and trash). ??

rachel said...

I don't have the money automatically deposited, but can say that the IRS sent the most minute amount of paper with the check. Just a check and envelope w/ no cellophane window to rip out.

My paychecks are directly deposited though and all of my bill paying and banking is online. (except my dental insurance). I wish I were perfect, but readily accept that I'm not.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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