Mar 29, 2006

Compacting My Cold

My brain is committed to the principles behind the Compact, and thus is my wallet. But I’ve come to discover that my body is revolting against my decision to not acquire new things. The strategy is genius: It’s acquired a brand new virus without my consent. Though I could pretend, this is NOT the virus we picked up in December. At least I didn't have to pay for it.
Could this be a physical manifestation of withdrawal from the consumer grid? Was I that addicted?
As I wiped my nose in the tea aisle at GoodLife, I felt guilty about my decision to buy individually packaged cough drops and tea bags. I’ll need them in bulk anyway. Using handkerchiefs will have to be my remediation. But just walking away with them, my body began to respond. Suddenly I wanted some DayQuil, TheraFlu, Vick’s, anything with any hope of making me feel less like crap. Or maybe just buying them would make me feel less like crap.
Ugh, maybe I have a fever. Or maybe my body is trying to lure me back into an overly consumptive lifestyle, after only 3 months. I’ll only know for sure if I make it through this cold without a new humidifier.
For the love of science, Cold, GO AWAY!
***Note: The Compact is medication friendly. Dogma above assumed for dramatic effect.***

Mar 3, 2006

Receiptless Refund

I just checked the irs website regarding my refund: Will be mailed shortly with a letter explaining why I’m getting less than I calculated. They could just save that paper: I am terrible at math. Just thinking about that check makes me want to do a consumer circuit from Cortland to Valencia to 24th St. Anyway, here are 3 things that I swear I am not buying with this check.

1) A New Bike or Components to Build One
Instead I’m going to replace some rusty bolts after the rainy season, touch up some scratches, and just attempt to maintain the 3 bikes I have. And I’ll give some of the money I’m saving to the SF Bike Coalition to say thanks for those awesome bike lanes on Alemany!

2) A New Subwoofer for My Mac
I found used speakers, took them home and they don’t fit with my woofer. I desperately want to run out and buy a woofer that works. So easy at the Mac Store!!!

3) A Slew of Books, Cat Toys, a Jacket or Bag
Ok, that’s 4 things right there but those are my basic money blowin’ items. Oh and cards to send to the family.

What won’t you buy?