Jan 6, 2006

Shower curtain

-Rob and I have an extra still-wrapped shower curtain liner (pretty low-end) that we can give you! Just need to retrieve from Caz this weekend.
or, if this hadn't been true...
-eBay search on "shower curtain liner" -- here's just one example that came back.
-to avoid cost of postage, tax, etc., enter a WANTED email on freecycle

Glad you're compacting! I need to circulate my impressions/findings of posting giveaways on Freecycle after a couple of experiences this past weekend.
Let's organize a post-month-one potluck at our place--How's Sunday, Feb 5, work?


the Lady T said...

Hi, this is Teresa, aka "the Lady T" -- I salute the Compact. John Perry sent me news of the blog. I have a high-end (heavy clear vinyl from C&B) shower curtain liner that I can't use because it's too heavy for my suction curtain rod. I think I know where to find it. If anyone is interested, email me:

Jacq said...

My husband just repaired our torn shower curtain with clear packing tape. I was impressed. It isn't noticeable and it means we aren't buying more icky plastic or spending money.

Shower said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't use the vinyl shower curtain. I stopped using it about a year ago. They have us believing we need them when we don't. I just use the nylon outer curtain, the water absorbs into it and down into the tub. It dries faster, doesn't mold up and is much easier to wash. We have three people using it each morning with absolutely no water on the floor. Just throw out the vinyl and buy a used nylon curtain and keep the bottom inside the tub.

vintage said...

wow : I never thought about not having to really need the vinyl shower liners that get nasty, brilliant. I have wanted to simplify and take a stand against consumersim and saw this group on TV. When i first came from England to America in 1982, I was so appalled at all the built in obsolesence, like having to buy new lunchboxes every school year when nothing was wrong with the old one.
In my home town of Peterborough I was able to bike everywhere with safe bike lanes and auto car stop lights so bikes could safely cross at intersections. I dried all my laundry on lines outside and continued to do that for many years in Texas, until I ran out of time.
Sadly now so much of my time is spent working to pay for new stuff i don't need.
How do you get off that consumer bandwagon and how could others have local Compact groups? Could there be one entity but many groups.
I am proud of my 21 year old son, who is very anti consumerism and prefers real vintage clothing, Goodwill, or secondhand shops and has taught me much.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to you guys? I bookmarked your blog to come back and see the progress... here it is the end of 2006 and not one post past the Shower curtain... whah!!